Newlyweds offered second reception after bride suffered an allergic reaction on her wedding day

November 28, 2017 1:09 pm Last Updated: November 30, 2017 6:23 pm

When Victoria Tumolo imagined her big wedding day, one thing she didn’t imagine was taking a trip to the hospital in the middle of the reception.

As Tumolo and her new husband Dominic danced their way around the room, Victoria felt her throat closing up.

“I started to break out in hives,” she told the Courier Post. “This had happened to me twice before that, so I knew I was having an allergic reaction.”

New Jersey couple Victoria and Dominic were recently enjoying their wedding reception when suddenly things took a turn.

The new bride grabbed her husband and her parents and they rushed outside. Victoria’s father administered her EpiPen and then Dominic and her mother took her wedding dress off so it wouldn’t be cut off when she went to the hospital.

“Her mom and I got to take her wedding dress off together,” Dominic said. “Not exactly what I was imagining for our wedding night…”

Victoria was treated and released from the hospital, but unfortunately her hospital trip meant that she and her new husband missed the rest of their wedding reception.

Victoria suffered a severe allergic reaction and had to go to the hospital.

A couple months ago these two were being rushed away from their wedding reception in an ambulance instead of cutting their cake or dancing the night away with friends and family. The bride, @notorioussss22, who has a food allergy, had an allergic reaction to something she ate. She was rushed outside away from the guests as her father had to administer an epipen before the medics arrived. Moments later they were being rushed to the hospital in the back of an ambulance. Not exactly how you envision your dream day that took well over a year to plan ending. Last night, @aulettocaterers and @centerstageent hosted a 2nd reception for the bride and groom, and we offered our services as a gift to them. It was an amazing night that easily made up for the time missed at the first reception, including one of the best cake smashes I’ve seen since mine and Sandi’s over 12 years ago. You should be seeing this story tonight or tomorrow on @insideedition as well as a lot of the other news outlets and channels. These two deserve all the attention they are being given, they were awesome clients and we couldn’t have been happier to help them out. 📷: All shot on the Leica SL. #Wedding #reception #southjerseywedding #weddingphotographer #theknot #theknotpro #leica #leicasl #weddingphotographersociety #fearlessphotographers #huffpostido #huffpostgram #huffpost @twistedoaksstudio @leicacamerausa @leicaproimage @leica_camera

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According to the Courier Post, Victoria was in the middle of a series of allergy tests, but had yet to find out what she was allergic too. She has since learned she has an allergy to milk and almonds, and her symptoms are made worse by exercise.

While the couple was at the hospital, the party continued, even though many guests were left confused.

“There was a lot of confusion, and some people knew what was going on,” she recalled. “My bridesmaids were crying for about an hour. And someone else cut our cake.”

The couple missed the rest of their reception, but were still able to go on their honeymoon.

*plans to take more pictures together on honeymoon* *takes one good picture together* #whyarentweinarubarn

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Not long after their wedding Victoria received an email from the caterer, Jim Auletto. He wanted to check up on her and he also had an idea for the couple.

Frank Catrambone, owner of the entertainment company the Tumolos hired and father to the DJ who played at the reception, contacted Auletto the day after the wedding. The pair wanted to do something special for the couple who had to miss part of their big day.

“It just struck me, this poor girl,” Catrambone said. “How can you walk away from your wedding reception and your wedding day? It broke my heart, so I called Jim Auletto, and said, ‘You know Jim, if there is something we can do for this girl, whatever you want to do, I’m in.'”

The caterer and DJ teamed up and offered a second wedding reception for the couple.

Not only did the caterer and DJ offer their services to the Tumolos for free, but so did their wedding photographer. They also had people volunteer to do hair and makeup for free.

FOX 29 reported that about half of the original guests who attended were able to make it back for a second round, but the size of the party didn’t matter to the newlyweds. They were just happy for the opportunity to create more memories of their wedding day.

“We are so grateful, and we sure have a lot of stories to tell already,” Dominic said.

The only one who needed a stretcher this time was Dom Tumolo

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