Couple find bird scrambling for food under tree, but upon closer look—something was very wrong

March 28, 2018 4:14 pm Last Updated: March 28, 2018 4:14 pm

Birds are lucky enough to be born with an incredible sense of direction and natural instinct. Many relocate every year based on the weather, preferring to spend their days flying to warmer skies.

But one yellow-throated warbler got lost on her way south. While attempting to fly to South America for the winter, this befuddled chirper found herself stranded in Nova Scotia.

Lyle and Trish Baker got an unexpected visitor when a yellow-throated warbler was trying to catch spiders outside their home in Nova Scotia.

Yellow-throated Warbler

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“It flew in and was scrambling around with the native birds for food under the trees and whatnot,” Lyle Baker said to the CBC. “So we were able to identify it and we knew by that time that it was a misfit, that it really didn’t belong here.”

The Bakers were told that warblers typically don’t go further north than Pennsylvania, but only during the summer. A recent storm must have pushed the tropical bird more than 1,000 miles off course into unfamiliar territory.

The couple consulted a few bird experts, and were told that the species dines on insects and bugs, preferably spiders.

“It would have been a long wait until spring, until spider season,” Lyle said.

The Bakers named the bird Wobbly, and decided to take care of her through the winter.

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Because Wobbly was designed to live in warm temperatures, the Nova Scotia cold and the lack of food would have meant certain death without intervention.

“[Wobbly] actually chose us. I don’t know why or if that’s accurate or not, but it came and it was getting pretty desperate and it was scrambling around for what it could find,” Lyle said.

Unable to find a steady supply of spiders, the couple hoped Wobbly would be willing to eat the 25 crickets they purchased as food. She snapped them all up in one sitting.

Wobbly now eats about 500 crickets every week, according to a video made by A is for Adventure, much to the delight of the couple.

“It’s quite amazing to sit and marvel at where these crickets disappear to,” Lyle said.

Wobbly spent the entire winter warm and cozy beneath a heat lamp the couple installed for her in their shed.

Yellow Throated Warbler

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As the bird got her strength back, and as the temperature warmed up outside, the door to the shed was left open so the bird could come and go as she pleased. She spends most of the day outside now, only coming back to eat or if the temperature drops too low.

With winter in the rearview mirror and spring on the horizon, Lyle knows their time with Wobbly could soon be coming to an end. But who knows?

“The best thing I can hope for is that we’ll keep her alive through the winter and she’ll quite likely stay all summer,” Lyle said. “Most of the people who know a great deal about birds predict that she’ll migrate in the fall.”

Wobbly the Yellow-throated warbler

A for Awesome! After being blown here in a November storm, this rare bird is staying alive by eating 500 crickets a week thanks to a generous Nova Scotia couple!Special thanks to the Nova Scotia Bird Society

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