Couple confused at wedding gift from strangers—but note inside—it’s just the beginning

January 16, 2018 5:57 pm Last Updated: January 16, 2018 5:57 pm

Chuck Neese and Mary Hall, from Evansville, Indiana, are set to tie the knot on January 20. But just a few days before the big day, they were surprised when an early wedding gift arrived in the mail. 

“I got off work and I came home and the package was on the table,” Mary recalled to WFIEThey had no idea who it could’ve been from. 

“Please open BEFORE wedding day,” a note on the mysterious package read.

Obeying the box’s instructions, the soon-to-be-newlyweds decided to see what was inside—and what they found left them stunned.

“We opened it, and he started reading that letter,” Mary explained. “And as he started reading, I just got chills and goosebumps all over.”

“He kept reading … and I was just shocked.”


It was indeed a wedding gift—from complete strangers, who had found the couple by Googling “Chuck and Mary engagement notice.” Neese & Hall’s notice was the first result.

That explanation might sound completely random or even a bit creepy—but there was a heartwarming explanation for the surprise.

The gift came from the Felker family, seven siblings (all with names beginning with “M”) who’s parents had recently passed away.

Their parents’ names: Chuck and Mary.


The letter congratulated the couple on their wedding, and also paid tribute to their late namesakes.

“They had 62 years of a very happy marriage. Chuck (Charles) and Mary Felker were pillars in their community, and very, very loving people. They most enjoyed dancing together and even taught ballroom dance classes for many years.

“Our family sends our wishes that you both also have such a blessed union.”


It was an incredibly sweet letter and gesture, a way to keep their parents’ spirit alive while also celebrating a new marriage.

But that wasn’t all—they also included a gift, one that inspired them to reach out to people named Chuck and Mary:

It was a pair of personalized champagne glasses that belonged to the parents!


Let me dance with you forever,” the inscription read. “Mary & Chuck.”

The Felker parents used the glasses in their own wedding, and when their kids found them in their possession they decided it would be fitting to pass them down to another soon-to-be-wed couple with the same pair of names.

The family had one request: that the couple find the time to dance to their parents’ wedding song, “Moon River.”

Mary and Chuck were thrilled, and graciously accepted the wedding gift.

“They’re definitely going to be a part of our wedding,” Mary told WFIE.


She sent the Felkers a reply, thanking them and letting them know the gift made it to them safely—but she did even more than that.

She invited them to their wedding.

Presently, the family hasn’t responded to the invite yet, but Mary has hope she’ll get to thank them in person. “Eventually one day I will meet them.”

If the same names weren’t enough, Mary also noticed another coincidence that let her know the gift was meant to be: the glasses were shipped in a Converse shoe box, and she and her bridesmaids had been planning to wear Converse Chuck Taylors at the ceremony.

“I’m like, no way,” Mary said. “It was just all very much a bunch of coincidences all together. It’s all really cool.”


It was an incredible gesture that no doubt will be a very special part of their wedding—and maybe even the start of a great tradition: Mary and Chuck say they will pass the glasses down to their daughter, Lily, to send to another Chuck & Mary getting married someday.