Cop lends his SUV to stranded couple to transport dogs rescued from Korea

July 14, 2017 6:26 pm Last Updated: July 14, 2017 6:26 pm


A group of dogs that had just been rescued from being slaughtered for their meat recently encountered trouble all over again as they were waiting to be sent to new foster homes. Fortunately, a police officer came to the aid of the stranded couple who were on their way to pick them up.

The timing couldn’t be worse…they couldn’t get a rental!


Molly and Brad Nemec were left without transportation during the Fourth of July weekend, as their SUV overheated while traveling through Stillwater, Minnesota.

This was a problem, as the Nemecs needed to travel to Wisconsin Dells in Wisconsin to pick up the dogs, which had been rescued from Korea, sent on a plane to Chicago, and were to be placed in foster homes in the United States.

To make matters worse, it was a holiday weekend, and getting a rental SUV was not an option. Even if they could get access to another car, they needed something large enough to hold six dog kennels.

Help came just in time!


Fortunately, help came in the form of Officer Brad Junker of the Stillwater Police Department, who appeared at the scene to help the stranded couple.

“Why don’t you just take my vehicle? I have to work for another four or five hours. I won’t be using it. It’s just sitting in the parking lot, so why don’t you just use it?” Junker said to them.

The Nemecs could not believe the kindness and generosity of the police officer, who was a complete stranger to them!

Molly was so stunned, she made the officer repeat himself twice. Afterward, they just looked at each other, and said, “What just happened?”

“My husband said, ‘You know he must have been an angel in disguise,’” she told Twin Cities Pioneer Press.

“Sure enough, within eight minutes he was back with his Suburban and helped us pack it up in no time so we could take off,” explained Molly.

Later that evening, the Nemecs were able to return to Stillwater, where all the foster families were able to meet them to pick up their new pets.

“To make the night even better, the police officer joined us since his shift was over and was able to see this transport come full circle and meet these precious pups! What an amazing day,” Molly said, according to the Twin Cities Pioneer Press.