Cop killed in the line of duty. But what brother does in the wake of his death—his legacy lives on

"All the best qualities I have are the ones you have gifted me."
May 16, 2018 6:04 pm Last Updated: May 16, 2018 6:04 pm

It takes a special kind of person to be a cop: the kind who is willing to risk their own lives to protect others. Cody Brotherson was one such person.

In November 2016, the officer was killed by a suspect’s vehicle during a pursuit. This was truly a tragedy.

Still, Cody Brotherson managed to leave a legacy and now there’s a new police officer in his community with a very familiar name.

Growing up, Braydon Brotherson always looked up to his cop brother, Cody.


“Brotherson” turned out to be a pretty fitting last name for Cody as his connection with his little brother, Braydon, had always been strong. Cody had wanted to be a police officer since he was in first grade, and Braydon too wanted a job that would help people.

“I never had the desire, necessarily, to be police, but I wanted to be in a career that mattered,” Braydon told KSL. “I looked at teaching [and] nursing.”

Yet, when Cody grew up and fulfilled his dreams of becoming a cop, Braydon started to ride along with him. That’s when he started taking the police force far more seriously as a career option.

“Through Cody and getting to ridealongs, I saw the impact officers can have and that sparked it for me,” he said.

Despite Braydon’s enthusiasm, Cody warned him about the dangers of joining the police. Yet, after witnessing the positive impact his brother had on the community, Braydon could not be dissuaded.

When Cody passed away in 2016, it prompted Braydon to work as a corrections officer.

Posted by West Valley City Police Department on Tuesday, May 1, 2018

When Cody died, it effected Braydon deeply. During Cody’s November 2016 funeral, Braydon said of his brother:

“All the best qualities I have are the ones you have gifted me.”

Now, over two years later, Braydon has started work as a corrections officer for the West Valley City Police Department in Utah. He’s technically been on the job since January 2018 though he did not graduate from police academy until April 19.

“I kind of imagined that moment for myself and when it came, it was really surreal,” Braydon said.

The force is very excited to have Braydon on the team.

“Seeing him wearing the uniform makes our hearts swell with pride,” they wrote in a Facebook post. “We certainly know his brother would have felt the same.”

Braydon’s mother, Jenny is plenty proud of him too.

“This is his time and his path,” she told KSL. “It will be very, very different than Cody’s, but we’re incredibly proud of [Braydon]—and Cody’s looking out for him.”