Community honors server at Red Robin for her impeccable service

When the service is JUST THAT GOOD
By Vanessa Rios, Epoch Times
July 10, 2018 4:29 pm Last Updated: July 10, 2018 4:29 pm

Youtubers at DUDEbenice like to recognize individuals that are nominated by their community to be honored, for not just being good people, but remarkably good to others, they deserve their own special party for it.

The person being honored in this video is Colleen who works at Red Robins in Des Peres, Missouri. She is described as the type of person that would give you the shirt off her back if you needed it. In fact, her coworkers say she has lent out her shoes and belt to fellow servers in need, and never hesitates to do things like that for others. She is just that kind.

Not only is she loved by her coworkers, but half the people who come into the restaurant ask for her to be their server. Everyone knows her to be a friendly, outgoing, and great person. As one coworker put it, Colleen “meets others at their level”, which means she is great at putting others at ease and making them feel welcome. She is known for her acts of kindness and warm heart.

These are very good traits in a server. Colleen also said that she loves her job and looks forward to going to work every day. She lives for the warm exchanges between her and everyone she interacts with, and it really looks like they enjoy her just as much!

So much so that DUDEbenice, her coworkers, customers, and bosses got together and planned a surprise party for Colleen.

They even sent her out to get her own cake and balloons as they set up the restaurant with her kitchen table from home, and had her daughter flown in from another state, just to surprise her mom.

And not only was she surprised, she was amazed at the entire event. Her reaction of joy and happiness is a testament that she felt appreciated and loved.

Great people inspire great things in others, even when they simply being humble. kind, and friendly servers. Everyone loves a good person, and Colleen seems to inspire kindness in others through her own show of kindness to them.

Credit: DUDEbenice