Children suddenly stop playing and freeze on playground—mother records it all

September 5, 2017 12:13 pm Last Updated: December 21, 2017 7:05 pm


Danielle Tomei Davila saw her kids suddenly stop playing with their friends outside when they heard something that caught their attention—she just had to pull out her camera and press record. What she saw made this military wife and mother proud.

“It was a part of our military life I always wanted to remember.”


The children were playing outside on the playground with their friend when all of the sudden they stopped and stood still for just several minutes. The reason? They heard the short rousing tune, Reveille, the rising of the flag on their military base, MCAS New River.

It’s a regular sight for Danielle and other mother’s at this North Carolina military base. Every morning and every evening, when the children are outside playing on the playground they will stop what they are doing, face the headquarters, and salute at the sound of Reveille and Retreat.

“Marine Corps kids playing on the playground on base…when colors sound this is what happens. And what SHOULD happen!”


The proud military mother and wife recorded the kids and their friends from her inside of her house and said it “was a part of our military life I always wanted to remember.” Davila posted the video on Youtube in 2011 and it has had over 4 million views.

Watch it here:

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