Stray cat hit by a car left with crooked smile. But what staff saw—they knew better

December 12, 2017 4:11 pm Last Updated: December 13, 2017 8:15 am

When Duchess arrived at the Adobe Animal Hospital in El Paso, Texas she was in extremely rough shape. The stray cat was left with a broken jaw after being hit by a car. Crystal Tate, an employee of the clinic explained that normally a cat like Duchess would have been euthanized, but luckily for her the staff did their best to repair the cat’s jaw.

Although Duchess’s surgery was a success, she had to endure a grueling month of post-op care. Thankfully it all paid off and not only did the cat walk away from a potentially fatal accident, but she also walked away with a forever home.

Duchess had a slim chance of survival.

Duchess's Story: Duchess was a stray who was brought into the vet clinic where I work after being hit by a car, which…

Posted by Duchess- The Miracle Kitty on Thursday, December 10, 2015

Tate explained that she first met Duchess, also known as the Miracle Kitty, on her first day of work at the clinic. When Tate encountered Duchess, the cat had just had her feeding tube removed.

“Her eyes showed so much sadness but her purrs showed so much love and hope,” she wrote on a GoFundMe page she set up for Duchess’s ongoing care.

Every day Tate spent time with Duchess. She’d talk to her and pet her and one day the doctors asked if she’d be interested in being Duchess’s forever home.

Duchess lived and was adopted by one of her caretakers.

Mom is off to work and I'm off to the groomers and then we are going to so Dr.Meyer (the veterinarian that saved me) for a check up and see about future surgery options! Hope everyone has a great day! 💙

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Although Tate had never cared for a special needs cat before, she felt like the two were meant to be and took Duchess home.

Tate shared that within the first month the cat felt right at home.

“She walks around like she owns the house, sitting where she pleases and warming hearts wherever she goes,” she wrote on a Facebook page, which she uses to post updates on Duchess.

The once stray cat made herself at home with her new family.

Sometimes you just have to have some puppy snuggles 😽

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Since her accident, Duchess has gone through “a few more procedures” and each time she has shown Tate just how strong she is.

Recently Tate spoke with a specialist to see about reconstructive surgery for Duchess’s jaw. Tate knew it was always an option for the cat, but after discussing it with a specialist they decided that as long as Duchess’s quality of life hasn’t changed it’s not necessary.

“For right now we ask for your continued love and support,” she asked Duchess’s followers.

Duchess continues to live her life like your average cat.

Lots of loving as a reward for being "tolerable" during my teeth brushing last night! 😻 And in other news Happy Friday! Any special plans for the weekend! PS. That's my lunch on my nose 😹

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Look at how cute she is!

Error code 101: kitty cat malfunction 😅

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We can’t get enough of her!

Ooooh I wanna dance with somebody 🎤

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If you’d like to donate to Duchess’ ongoing care fund, you can donate here.