Cashier notices cop in store for 40 minutes, then mom with two kids come up—her heart sinks

January 19, 2018 2:36 pm Last Updated: January 19, 2018 2:40 pm

A trip to the grocery store shouldn’t be a hair-pulling nightmare. But for parents around the world, keeping an eye on their kids while shopping can be exactly that.

On top of maneuvering their cart up and down the aisles of the store and selecting items to buy, they have to be ever mindful of their little ones. It is a lot to handle, even for the expert multi-tasker.

Madison Gail Obrien, a Kennesaw, Georgia resident, stopped off at a Kroger grocery store for some provisions in November of 2017 and noticed a mother with this shopping challenge.

In Kennesaw, Georgia, Madison Gail Obrien saw a mother struggling with her two children while trying to shop for groceries.

Facebook/ Kroger

In a post that Obrien made on Facebook, she painted the picture of a mother struggling with the realities of having young children. This mom had all she could handle.

“This cute little mom parked next to us and we walked passed as she got a screaming toddler and a car seat with a crying baby in it out of the car,” Obrien wrote.

“As you can imagine and as we were thinking, she definitely has her hands full.”

In a nearby patrol car, a police officer noticed that the young mother needed some help. Rather than sit and watch, he lent a helping hand—literally.

“He asked if he could help and grabbed the little toddler’s hand and we watched as they walked in to the grocery store,” the post read. “The cop proceeded to grab a buggy for the mom and told her he hoped she had a great night.”

After 30 minutes of shopping, the mother was ready to pay for her groceries. Her son wanted a toy, but they couldn’t afford it.

Facebook/ Kennesaw Police Department

A half hour later, the mother had finished shopping and was making her way to the register. Her son spotted a toy that he wanted to bring home, but money was tight, and he was told to put it back.

“The mom replied trying to smile but with sadness in her face, ‘I’m sorry baby we can’t get that today.’ The toddler began to cry and followed his mom to the checkout in a puddle of tears,” Obrien wrote.

“My heart broke in a million pieces for this sweet boy.”

As the cashier began to scan the mother’s items, the police officer approached them. He’d spent the entire time waiting for them by the entrance of the store.

The cashier who scanned the mother’s items was caught by surprise when the officer was there to help.

As I was walking into the grocery store with my Roomate the other night, this cute little mom parked next to us and we…

Posted by Madison Gail Obrien on Thursday, November 9, 2017

In a post made on the Kennesaw Police Department Facebook page, cashier Coco Mo says she feared the worst when she saw the officer waiting at the front of the store.

“30-40 minutes later she comes into my line and I see the cop come up,” Mo said in the Facebook post. “I immediately thought something was wrong and he had been waiting for her the whole the time.”

He was waiting for her. The officer wanted to pay for her groceries, including the toy that her toddler was crying over.

“He comes back with the boy and the toy, and I hear the mom say if that’s too much he doesn’t have to get the toy. The cop just smiles and says it’s okay; the little boy is definitely excited,” Mo said.

To top it off, the officer got cash back from the cashier and handed it to the mother.

“It shows that in a world full of mess there are good people out here,” Mo said.

Obrien echoed those sentiments, praising the officer for altruism:

“He wasn’t doing it for publicity, or to look ‘good’ he didn’t even have an idea anyone was watching. He was just a good person trying to do something good.”