Cashier is slow and destroys her bread, but despite inconvenience this customer was touched

September 12, 2017 3:13 am Last Updated: September 12, 2017 3:13 am


Whoever thought an inconvenient experience at the supermarket could produce such love? At least for one woman, that was the case. When Hermione Hermione Shawcross was at her local supermarket one day, she seemed, on the surface, to have had a pretty terrible experience—the cashier was slow, he made multiple mistakes, and he destroyed some of her items.

And after it was all over, Shawcross was so affected by her time at the supermarket that she took to social media to write to the company about it on social media.

But not at all in the way you might think. Instead, Shawcross was so moved and overjoyed by what she had just encountered that she could not help but share that joy with the entire internet.

Hermione Shawcross was at a local grocery store to buy a few things when she encountered a special clerk.

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On September 12th, 2016, Hermione Shawcross was at Norfolk’s Tesco, a supermarket chain in the United Kingdom, to do some shopping. After she had collected all her items, she moved to an open lane to pay and checkout.

After exchanging a quick greeting with the man behind the register, she proceeded to put her items on the conveyor belt. What she might not have realized, though, was that she would be spending a little more time at the supermarket than she initially imagined.

The man behind the register was making mistakes and even destroyed some of her items.

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“When I asked him for 5 bags he counted each one, then recounted them a further 2 times before handing them over to me,” Shawcross wrote in a Facebook post.

But the issues did not end there.

“The guy didn’t really talk to me, he squashed my bread when he scanned it but I waited patiently whilst he took his time, especially when trying to scan the awkward items,” Shawcross wrote on Facebook. “By the time I went to pay I had already worked it out, so I counted out my money with him, which he obviously recounted and then counted my change out two times.”

And yet, despite what most might consider a nightmarish experience, Shawcross was touched.

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“Every moment of that was just perfect,” Shawcross wrote in a Facebook post.

Shawcross discovered that the man behind the register was autistic, and as the two people chatted, he told her that he was enjoying his job and that he was thankful to Tesco for giving him an opportunity when so many other companies had turned him away.

“As a mother of a 12 year Autistic boy this makes my heart smile,” Shawcross wrote in a Facebook post. “Changing attitudes teamed with employers, like you, who really do offer equal opportunities are changing people’s lives.”

“So thank you Tesco, it was a pleasure shopping with you today,” Shawcross wrote in a Facebook post.

The post quickly went viral and most commentators were touched, as well.

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(Facebook/Hermione Shawcross)


(Facebook/Hermione Shawcross)

For the price of a slight inconvenience to their customers, this grocery store was doing its part to change people’s lives for the better and give opportunities to those who had none before. It touched Shawcross considerably, and she, as well as thousands of others, were grateful.