Her puppy steals all her dollar bills. So she finds an ingenious way to get it all back

September 26, 2017 12:31 pm Last Updated: September 26, 2017 3:17 pm

Most pets perform tricks in exchange for treats, but this dog has found a simpler approach.

Casi Cook, from Deer Park, New York, has raised her dog Molly since she was a puppy. Now 5 years old, the pup has over the years developed a trait we usually only see in humans.

She’s obsessed with cash.

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No, Molly doesn’t have a job. But her owner does—and Molly just likes to steal money out of her bag. And thanks to some unintentional conditioning, it’s become a habit.

The strange obsession started simple enough—the young pup liked digging into things.

β€œIt started when she was a puppy,” Cook explained to The Dodo.

β€œShe was a thief, just like any puppy. She used to steal stuff out of all our bags, including money.”

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But Cook, naturally afraid her dog would swallow all her hard-earned waitressing tips, did all she could to keep the cash out of Molly’s mouth.

And when chasing her around the house got tiring, she took a different approach: bribery.

Molly was given a cookie in exchange for a dollar—and quickly discovered how currency works.

β€œIn her smart little mind of hers, she put together that money equals cookies, and from then on, there was no stopping our money thief,” Cook told Inside Edition.

(Inside Edition/Screenshot)
(Inside Edition/Screenshot)

Whenever Molly wants a treat, all she has to do is bring a dollar to her owner and “buy” it from her.

β€œShe only uses them to buy treats,” Cook told The Dodo. β€œOr, if we are sitting down to have dinner, halfway into dinner she will walk over quietly and just place a dollar on our laps because she wants a treat.”

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According to Inside Edition, it’s become so common Molly even understands words like “money” and “dollar,” and will bring her owner money on demand—which could be the most useful pet skill in history.

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Molly even has her own secret stash: a whopping $90 in stolen bills.

The dog is also protective of her money—although in a pretty adorable-sounding way.

β€œWhen people take her money, she will nudge you, kiss you, and annoy you until you give it back,” Cook told Inside Edition. “She loves her money.”

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Is all this technically robbery and extortion? Maybe, but it’s still a cool trick—one that Molly certain doesn’t seem to mind. After a long day at work, there’s something fun about coming home to a dog eager to “borrow” your tips and beg for a yummy treat.

β€œWhen I come home from work and I am counting my money, she hears it from a mile away, and she comes running to get a dollar!” Cook told Inside Edition.

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