Waitress serves customer as usual & he leaves her big tip. But next day, lawyers show up—unthinkable

October 15, 2017 11:10 am Last Updated: October 16, 2017 1:03 pm

It was an ordinary day in her life working as a cocktail waitress at a restaurant quite far from where she lived. She was getting rides to work every day from her colleagues, friends, and sometimes from strangers because she didn’t have a car.

She was saving up to get a better car. But, this was very hard to come by with, because she was also trying to finish her college studies—something she had to take a break from in order to work full time so she could finish her degree.

And she could only work toward paying one thing at a time: a car or her college tuition.

She was determined to get her degree.With this in mind, she thought of her job as temporary, though she still took it seriously.

And it was on one random, ordinary day when a random, nondescript customer gave her the most surprising tip of all.

The restaurant was crowded as usual, there was a group of three men, had their meal and wanted to pay their bill. One of them paid for the meal they had. It was about $50, and a tip of $50 on top that—already an extremely generous tip, especially considering this happened 15 years ago, as the former waitress shared on reddit.

She was incredibly moved, noting that she hadn’t even paid any extra attention to this table.

But that wasn’t it.

The next day, as she came into work, the manager pulled her aside to tell her that customer from last night had something for her.

They stepped outside, and, baffled, they met a man in an expensive suit, who introduced himself as a lawyer.

And he had a car for her.

“At first I wouldn’t accept it because I wondered his motives and what strings would be attached,” she recounted. But the lawyer assured her everything was above board and this was just a kind gesture. It wasn’t a fancy, flashy brand-new car, but it was still a car and a pretty decent one at that.

She learned that the customer owned quite a few car dealerships and worked at a big car company, and had overheard her sharing her story with colleagues and her struggles between saving up for a car or tuition.

The lawyer told her that his client “wanted nothing in return other than that I return to school and finish my degree.”

It made for a crazy story, and one the waitress hadn’t shared for 15 years. “I never tell this to people,” she wrote, “because I probably wouldn’t believe it either.”