Farmer Hears Sounds From Hollowed out Fence Post — When He Peers Inside, He’s Totally Stunned!

June 1, 2018 1:31 pm Last Updated: June 1, 2018 1:31 pm

In southeastern Australia, nature can be surprising and beautiful when you least expect it to be—just ask this man from Sydney, who stumbled across an incredible surprise out on some farmland!

Walking along a fence out on his land, David Flau noticed that one of the fence posts was hollowed out near the top.

With large opening at the top, it appeared that the fence had been taken over as a home for some kind of small creature. He never expected to find the colorful menagerie that cawed at him when he peered in the opening, though.

Crowded at the bottom of the hollow hole, a group of baby rosellas had gathered, flapping around and cuddling together for warmth!

While the name may not sound familiar to Westerners, a rosella is essentially a small parrot; they grow to about a foot and a half in length and boast a broad, flat tail but possess the fun, bright colors associated with the tropical birds worldwide.

Any concerns about the location of the birds are for naught; burrowing into holes as a form of nesting is natural for the rosella, and the close confinement serves as an effective way for the birds to share body warmth as they grow. Once they’re ready to go out on their own, the parrots are able to climb up and out to their freedom.

Pretty neat surprise to find where you’d least expect it!