Calgary’s worst driver caught on tape! Even a road hog would find this frustrating!

October 28, 2017 3:27 pm Last Updated: October 28, 2017 3:27 pm

Governments in developed countries take stringent measures to ensure that people driving on their roads use common sense… however, as the saying goes—common sense is very uncommon. Some drivers demonstrate their “not-so-developed” (pun intended) skills on the wheel and these are intentionally or unintentionally caught on camera!

A surveillance camera captured footage of a driver at a parking lot who had no idea what she was doing or how to get out of there.

Calgary police said in a Twitter post that they are investigating a driver caught on CCTV video responsible for some of the “worst driving” they have ever seen.

At one point, she reverses and hits another car, despite the available breath of space ahead of her!

Various Maneuvers caught in visuals

Youtube Screenshot | Kijiji KAN
Youtube Screenshot | Kijiji KAN
Youtube Screenshot | Kijiji KAN

Calgary police Constable Jeremy Shaw was so exasperated by what he saw in the footage that he gave the driver behind the wheel the title of “Calgary’s Worst Driver.”

The video shows a silver BMW SUV trying to get out of its parking space. The person on the wheel seems to be having a hard time maneuvering the vehicle—it is obvious that the driver lacks judgment and the ability to plan her way out.

She spends around 5 whole minutes trying to position the car correctly. In fact, the driver whose car she hit also tries to help her and he has no idea that she is the one responsible for the damage on his car!

According to the police, the incident happened at a southeast parking lot, in the 4000 block of the Manila Road. The driver was found and was slapped with a $115 fine for “unsafe backing.”

“All parties have been cooperative and the investigation is now closed. Drive safe all!” posted Cst. Jeremy Shaw of Calgary Police, after the driver was found.