Woman visits Uganda at 18-years-old, 5 years later, she’s now mother of 14 kids.

October 8, 2017 2:27 pm Last Updated: October 15, 2017 2:01 pm

At the age of 18, Katie Davis Majors went on a three-week mission to Uganda in her senior year of high school. She saw firsthand the suffering, the hunger, and the pain of many Ugandans as well as the day to day happiness, joy, and resiliency of those she came to know in a very short amount of time.

What she did next is nothing short of remarkable and a testimony to her dedication and commitment to help others in need.

A Mission of Compassion

After that first visit, Katie was pondering the idea of a return visit, a decision she admits she wrestled with and prayed about.

Ultimately, she decided to move to Uganda to teach kindergarten in an orphanage. The work was a good fit for the kind-hearted humanitarian. She put everything she had into her work.

But one decision she made thirteen times over was a true jaw-dropper. Katie adopted thirteen girls before she reached the age of 23!

A Book, and a Husband!

Katie also met her husband, Benji, while teaching in Uganda. The two have since married and they gave birth to their first biological child, raising their total family count to an even, and huge, fourteen!

She also wrote her first book, a New York Time’s Best Seller, titled Kisses from Katie.

Experiencing the Need

Katie learned as much as she could absorb about the culture and lives of citizens of Uganda. She realized that the orphanages in Uganda were not necessarily providing care for orphans, but rather also for children whose parents were simply struggling.

“When I started to ask questions,” explained Katie in an interview given by her husband, “it became apparent that a lot of the children that were there weren’t orphans, but they lived there because their families couldn’t afford to pay for their food or education.”

Calling on Friends & Family

Katie saw a desperate need for education and a way to allow these families to live together while having their basic needs met.

“You know I asked a lot of local friends and did some research and found that actually for very little money you could pay for a child’s schooling for the whole year,” explained Katie. Many of those people answered her call for help and donated what they could.

The Passion Continued to Grow

Katie then started an organization called Amazima Ministries in 2008, to help transform and empower local Ugandan communities through support and faith. “Amazima” means “truth.”

When you see and hear Katie talk about her work, it becomes very clear how much she cares and how passionate she is about what she is doing to help bring hope to as many people as she possibly can.

She currently lives in Uganda with her husband and their 14 children and continues to serve as the Founder and Chief Visionary of Amazima. She also just published her second book that speaks to many of her experiences, Daring to Hope: Finding God’s Goodness in the Broken and the Beautiful.

Making a Difference as a Couple

Katie is obviously no longer alone in her endeavors. Her core values and spirituality are shared by her husband, Benji. Their mission as a couple and a family have become one.

In the interview shown here, Benji interviews his wife asking questions as she shares her story and how her remarkable story came to be. No doubt, there is much more to come from these two!


Source: Meet the inspiring young woman who adopted 13 girls in Uganda from Today and Q&A with Katie Davis Majors by Amazima Ministries on YouTube.