Busy mom holds her baby while eating, but when waitress sees—she has a better idea

March 13, 2018 11:29 am Last Updated: March 13, 2018 11:29 am

When you’re handling a baby, even the most leisurely activities can become stressful—like trying to enjoy a meal on a vacation.

But when one young mother stopped to eat with her baby, she got some unexpected assistance.

Nicole Kindhart, from Monmouth, Illinois, was on a long car trip with her three children heading towards Disney World recently. Across seven states, the family was “cooped up in the car,” and Kindhart decided it was time for a break.

So, they stopped into the Cracker Barrel in Lake City, Florida.

(Tim Boyle/Getty Images)

It was a relief to be out of the car for a while. “This was our first in restaurant sit down meal,” Kindhart wrote.

But for mom, it wasn’t exactly a break:

“Everyday I hold a baby in one hand and eat with the other.”

It looked like Kindhart would have to eat with her baby in her arms rather than enjoy her meal in peace. But then, their server—a woman named Charmin—made an incredibly kind gesture:

The waitress offered to hold the baby while the Kindhart ate.

(Facebook/Nicole Kindhart)

What’s really remarkable is that Charmin wasn’t on break—she was still making her rounds and serving tables with the stranger’s baby in her arms.

“It’s not like it was a down time either, this was busy lunch time,” Kindhart said.

“Everyone loved it. It was the sweetest thing.”

Even more inspiring, the waitress didn’t know the family was in the middle of a long road trip. She just saw an overworked mother trying to eat and did the right thing.

“You didn’t know any of that yet still extended a warm welcome,” Kindhart wrote in a Facebook post, paying tribute to the kind waitress. “Thank you! God bless!”

The photo has been shared over 4,000 times. “I told her it’s not my fault if she goes viral,” Kindhart wrote, “but she deserves to!”