Bus driver sees woman waving on side of road, but no bus stop—quickly realizes it’s an emergency

January 13, 2018 10:44 am Last Updated: January 13, 2018 10:44 am

Bus drivers provide valuable transportation for the most disadvantaged members of their community every single day. From morning to night, they drive the same route, picking citizens up from designated pick-up locations and dropping them off at work, school, or other important stops.

Most bus drivers will only pick people up from the specific locations where a bus stop sign is located. But Tayetta Currin took a risk and decided to stop for a woman in the middle of the road—and may have saved two lives.

(ABC 7/Screenshot)

As Currin was on duty on Christmas Eve driving her bus through Milwaukee, she saw something that did not look right to her. She told ABC 7 Chicago that she spotted a woman waving on the side of street—however, there was no bus stop in sight.

Currin could have continued to drive past the woman, but luckily, she stopped.

The bus driver described the weather that morning as “horrible and snowing,” which made it even more worrisome when she realized the woman might be in trouble. Sure enough, when she opened the bus doors, the woman struggled to even climb aboard.

“She told me she was going into labor,” said Currin.

(ABC 7/Screenshot)

Currin knew if she had not stopped the bus, the woman could have had her baby out in the cold.

In the bus security video, Currin can be seen immediately jumping into action and helping the pregnant woman onto the bus. Other passengers followed her actions and also made sure the woman in labor was comfortable and warm.

Being a mother of two, the bus driver felt a close connection to what the woman was going through.

“She was crying and in pain,” she said. It almost caused her to switch from a bus driver to an ambulance driver!

(ABC 7/Screenshot)

Currin told ABC 7 that she was not far from the hospital, but she thought better of driving the bus there and decided to wait.

The bus driver immediately called 911 and kept the woman safe until paramedics arrived, and an ambulance then quickly transported the woman to a local hospital.

(ABC 7/Screenshot)

During the eventful morning, the hero bus driver did not get the woman’s name, but she hopes to someday make sure everything went smoothly at the hospital.

Currin had a message for the woman: “I hope everything is okay, and you reach out to us and let us know what is going on with you and the baby.”