Burglar breaks into 95yr-old WWII vet’s home, threatens to kill his dog—that was the last straw

December 19, 2017 11:22 am Last Updated: December 19, 2017 11:22 am

The military gives you invaluable knowledge and skills that can stick with you for years. And even if you are 95 years old, you never really forget how to defend yourself.

Frederick Bennett served in the Marine Corp on the Pacific Front of World War II. Now, at 95 years old, he’s living with his 51-year-old daughter, Mary, and their pet chihuahua Hugo at their home in Wisconsin.

Frederick was watching TV one evening, when Hugo started barking at something.

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Frederick got up to see what the commotion was about. He walked over to the back bedroom door and tried to open it, but it was stuck against something.

When he got it open he was shocked to see a man standing against the wall in his bedroom.

He found himself nose-to-nose with an intruder.

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Being a veteran of the last World War, Frederick is obviously no stranger to conflict. In fact, upon seeing the potential burglar in his house, Frederick simply told him, “Get the hell out of here!” according to Today’s TJM4 News.

Even if he is familiar with confrontation, it takes a lot for a man his age to stand up to someone much younger who could potentially hurt him.

The stranger demanded that Frederick give him his wallet, and when Frederick said no, the invader threatened to kill the veteran and the dog.

But Frederick wasn’t scared.

Even if he was most likely decades older than the person breaking into his home, he wasn’t going to let this person harm him or his dog. Instead of complying with his demands, the veteran grabbed the intruder and tried to throw him out the back door.

In the struggle, the burglar had gotten ahold of his wallet. That’s when Frederick got mad.

“I grabbed him around the waist, and we both went down on the floor,” Frederick said.

Frederick tackled the man to the ground, trying to subdue him. He was hanging onto the man’s legs when his daughter came downstairs to see what was happening.

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“I didn’t even think, I just reacted,” she told TMJ4 News.

Upon seeing this stranger and her father in a scuffle, Mary instantly tried to subdue the attacker as well, wanting to protect her father and their home. She got her father’s wallet back, according to the Journal Sentinel, but then the man got violent.

The man bit Mary on the arm, then tried to leave the house and escape. But Mary gave chase.

She refused to let the intruder get away. She chased after him, jumping over two fences, and through 12 yards. And during the chase, she told anyone nearby to call the police so that this man could be brought to justice.

The 53-year-old burglar didn’t seem to be able to run faster than a jog, Mary said, but she didn’t want to try to catch him until she knew the police were on their way.

“I could have caught him at any point. But I didn’t want to tackle him because nobody knows I’m out here,” she said.

While running, the burglar even yelled, “Leave me alone I’m sorry!” but Mary didn’t think “sorry” cut it for a home invasion and burglary attempt.

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“Stop running!” she yelled repeatedly. Eventually, when she saw a squad of police approaching, Mary caught up to him, and held the intruder until the police arrived.

“I was mad because of what he did to my dad,” his daughter told the Journal Sentinel.

Frederick was proud of his daughter for doing the right thing, saying how she even followed the man “in her bare feet” just to catch him. Mary was surprised by her reaction, but thinks some of her father’s bravery must have rubbed off on her.

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The father and daughter escaped this ordeal with just a few scratches and bruises, which could have ended up a lot worse. Both think they were lucky and might not try the same thing again.

Every member of the family played a part in taking down the burglar. Hugo’s barks warned Frederick, then the veteran defended their home, while Mary was the one to chase him down and hand him to the police.

This intruder probably thought he could get the best of someone older than him, but you shouldn’t underestimate a veteran, no matter how old he or she may be.