Boy adopted at just 3 months old finds his biological brother in same college, same major as him

"My birth father broke down in tears."
December 19, 2017 12:20 pm Last Updated: December 19, 2017 1:14 pm

20-year-old Kieron Christian Graham was adopted when he was just three months old. Graham also had three other adopted siblings, but he had no contact with his biological family, Graham explained to Buzzfeed News.

All Graham knew was his birth mother and father’s first names and that he had a biological brother named Vincent. He said he “periodically would look for them and check on Facebook, but I never knew their last name, so it was always hard.”

The adopted child dreamed of meeting up with his biological family.


This year, Graham’s parents gave him and his siblings their own Ancestry DNA kits for Christmas. The results from Graham’s test were 100 loose matches to potential family members, and a strong match to a 29-year-old man named Vincent Ghant who had also taken an Ancestry DNA test.

Graham was ecstatic to find out Vincent’s last name, and he soon found a Vincent Ghant on Facebook. He knew he was a match by his birthday, so he sent a friend request and a message to Ghant.

At first, Ghant did not recognize Graham’s name, since Graham’s first name was changed to Kieron after he was adopted. He explained to Buzzfeed News that when Graham mentioned their mother’s name, Shawn, Ghant’s “heart stopped.”

Ghant and Graham have more in common than blood.

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It turns out the two brothers had actually spent time with each other when they were younger, and Ghant remembers him clearly.

“I asked my mother about him throughout my life, but the pain was so heavy on her that it was hard for her to drum up the worlds to explain it to me,” Ghant explained to Buzzfeed News. “So it just got to the point where I was, like, I’ll just wait for her when she’s ready.”

“The little bit of time I had with him came racing back,” Ghant explained.

Graham said he found out that Ghant lives only 15 minutes away from him. Through their conversation, the two discovered that they also attend Kennesaw State, both in their junior year, and both majoring in political science. The two even have a class at the same time, and they assumed they must have walked past each other at some point.

The two brothers met up at a local bar.

Graham explained that their meeting was “very emotional,” but it was also filled with relief. “I was excited but a little bit scared if he had any resentment towards my family,” Ghant said.

Graham knows that his mother was a single mother and a full time nurse working more than 15 hours a day, so he explained to Buzzfeed News that he does not have any bad feelings towards his birth family.

“When I realized he didn’t [have resentment] and that he had a great life, I was amazed,” Ghant said.

Shawn was also excited to find out how Graham was doing, even though everything has been an “emotional rollercoaster.” Ghant told Buzzfeed News, “she’s super excited, but half the time she’s also sad [and] fearful. She wants him to understand why she had to do what she had to do. But overall she’s very excited.”

Graham also got to meet Ghant’s 17-year-old brother Christian. Christian is Graham’s middle name given by their birth mother, and his adopted parents kept it.

Graham now has two loving families.

Graham also shared with BuzzFeed News that he’s now connected with his birth dad too and his side of the family.

“My birth father broke down in tears,” he said upon connecting with him.

Graham explained that his parents are supportive of everything and will be with him every step of the way. “They said, ‘We want you to know them…if you don’t want to, that’s OK, too,'” he said.