Brooklyn teenager runs out from under a table to save a man’s life during a terror attack

October 30, 2017 2:42 pm Last Updated: October 30, 2017 2:43 pm

19-year-old Mark Kindschuh is not your ordinary teenager from Brooklyn. This summer, he spent a month in London for a study-abroad college course and had the experience of a lifetime.

On June 3, terrorists ran through the city and into Borough Market with machetes in their hands. They stabbed people while screaming “This is for Allah.”

Mark and his friends hid under a table in a pub with about 50 or 60 other people, all frozen in fear. But when Mark saw someone seriously injured, he knew he had to help.

London was under a terrorist attack.


“All I could see was a man at the front on the ground with a pool of blood forming,” Mark told ABC7. He and his friends were at The Wheatsheaf Pub, when Mark saw a man laying on the ground and bleeding heavily from the head.

One man was trying to help the victim, but Mark knew he needed to get in there and do what he could. He told The New York Post, “I yelled to my friends who I was hiding with, ‘I can’t believe that there’s only one guy helping!’”

Mark became a hero when he crawled out from under a table to help save a life.


Without thinking twice, Mark ran to the man, searching for where the bleeding was coming from. “You couldn’t really see it, because there was so much blood around his head, but I searched around with my hands, and it was on the back of his head,” he told ABC7.

Mark then wrapped his belt around the man’s head to slow the bleeding. He made sure he stayed with the man and talked to him so he could maintain consciousness.

“I was asking him very basic questions like what football club he rooted for and stuff,” Mark explained to The New York Post.

His entire life may have prepared him for this moment.

Mark’s father, Dr. Mark Kindschuh, is the director of Coney Island Hospital’s Emergency Department. His life’s work no doubt had an effect on his son.

“He stayed with him and didn’t think of anything of himself,” he said to ABC7. “I’ve never been prouder in my entire life.”

This bold Boston College student also worked as a lifeguard and joined the ROTC as a freshman, so he is not new to thinking fast and saving others. He told Student News Daily, “I just want to give back to my country.”

Mark did more than give back, he saved a man’s life.