Bride thinks brother is so bored that he’s yawning. On realizing the truth she starts bawling

November 1, 2017 1:20 pm Last Updated: December 26, 2017 5:58 pm

This “sobbing brother” is not usually the emotional type, and never tears up in public. But when he filmed the father-daughter dance at his sister’s wedding, he started to bawl…

Zak Fick sobbed so hard at his sister’s wedding that he had to use his hand to cover his face. At first, his bride sister thought it was so boring for him that he was yawning.

“Then I realized he was crying and then my stomach went into my throat and I started bawling,” bride Kelsey Buelow, 23, told ABC News.

Their father, Paul Fick, said he was “really surprised” by his son’s reaction.

“I don’t really see him get emotional about everything. He’s pretty happy-go-lucky,” he said. “But they’re really close. They’re good friends. They’d done so much together, gone on vacations together, had fun and had similar friends.”

Zak was responsible for shooting the video of the father-daughter dance at the wedding.

“The music started, and I started watching, knowing I had a job to do,” Zak, 25, told “All of a sudden, I started listening to the lyrics of the song. It was all just a perfect moment, and when you have all that going through your head, it just all builds up and takes over.”

Buelow said that she and her dad had been choreographing the dance to “Cinderella” and practicing it secretly for months.

“My dad spun me one last time, and I saw Zak and he was sobbing,” she said. “I just lost it. It made the situation even more emotional.”

“She is my only sister,” Zak told ABC News. “We’re really close.”

Zak said he became emotional when recalling the times he and his sister were together.

“I was worried it would be shaky, since I was crying pretty hard,” said Zak.

“We’ve traveled so much, we’ve done so many things together, spent so much time together,” he said. “Our entire life revolves around family.”

Buelow said it “means a lot” to her that her brother expressed his emotions that way.

“I’ve never experienced that before with my brother,” she said. “To see that was his way of saying, ‘I love you,’ and to truly mean it. We joke around a lot and make fun of each other, but then you see that and it goes deeper than funny friends. It made it real for me.”

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