Woman goes on honeymoon without her husband and the photos are ridiculously funny

Her face says it all.
August 4, 2017 1:48 pm Last Updated: January 20, 2018 5:15 pm

Late 2015, Huma Mobin and Arsalaan Sever got married. He proposed over dinner, and the two had a beautiful wedding in December. They planned a wonderful 10-day trip through Greece for their honeymoon, where their family would vacation as well.  Everything was perfect and set to go. The trip was approaching and everyone was ready.

Then they heard that Arsalaan’s visa was rejected.

“I was bamboozled, I had no idea why it was rejected,” he said.

Huma cried.

“I was really scared. I cried at first, I told him I couldn’t go but he said to trust him and that I would have fun,” she said.

This face says it all.


Huma ended up having to take her family and in-laws on the 10-day trip by herself, but made sure to let everyone know how much she was missing him.




Huma took a series of photos by all the major landmarks and sights of Greece, with her arm out to one side, hugging her newly-wed husband who couldn’t come on their honeymoon.




“I went to Greece without my husband and I missed him very muches 😭” she wrote on Facebook.




The photos were a cute inside-joke between the couple: Arsalaan had gone on a business trip to Budapest without her, and sent back photos to Huma with an exaggerated frown and an empty, outstretched arm.




After the shocking visa denial, her family had consoled her, and they decided they would go through with the trip anyway.

“His family are really amazing people. His mum told me being married was about keeping your independence too, so I went on the trip with her and did everything we were planning,”  she told DailyMail. It cost £3300 (about $4,300USD), and they would have lost a lot of money if they decided to skip the trip.

Huma’s amazing photos quickly went viral and thousands shared and commented on her story.

“We never expected the post to go viral,” said Huma.

“I don’t know what it was about the post that made people share it. Maybe it was because [it was] authentic and made people smile.”

The photos also caught the attention of InterContinental Hotels Group, which gifted the couple a million travel points so they could take a second honeymoon—together.

This time, they spent Christmas in Barcelona, New Year’s Eve in Paris, and continued through Portugal, Spain, France, and Rome over a two-week trip.

“So we pulled off a year… I love you to the moon and back baby! Happy anniversary 🎉🍻🍾🍷🍸🍗 — with Arsalaan Sever.” (Facebook)
At the Pantheon. (Facebook)

“It’s much more fun travelling with my husband—although honeymooning solo really wasn’t that bad,” Huma said.


“The trip has been amazing, we’ve been treated like royalty,” said Arsalaan.

“Back in July, it was really tough seeing my newlywed bride honeymooning without me,” he said. “But this has certainly made up for it—we’ve just had the best time.”