Brave woman was burned alive and diagnosed with cancer — but neither could defeat her spirit.

Her perseverance and inner-strength are an inspiration.
December 12, 2017 12:24 pm Last Updated: December 13, 2017 6:01 am

Life can sometimes throw a few curve-balls our way, but one woman never expected someone would try and burn her alive.

Dana Vulin faced unbelievable circumstances. With the obstacles to recovery, and the life-changing nature of the issues she faced, it would be understandable for anyone in her position to give up or lose hope.

Instead, this 30-year-old Australian woman did neither. Her incredible awe-inspiring hope, perseverance, and inner-strength not only pushed her to fight, but also to win.

The beginning of Dana Vulin’s troubles started in 2012.


In 2012, Dana Vulin, then 25 years old, received a threatening phone call from a woman she had never met.

“She was going to kill me, she was going to ruin my pretty little face,” Vulin said in an interview with 7 News.

While frightened, Vulin was very perplexed by the call. The woman had accused Vulin of having an affair with her estranged husband; Vulin had met the man at a party some time before, but that was all.

However, this was no idle threat. On February 16 in 2012, the woman, along with a male friend broke into Vulin’s home. The two were high on methamphetamine when they doused Vulin with methylated spirits and set her on fire. As Vulin burned, the two simply laughed at her pain.

The nightmare left Vulin scarred, but unbroken.

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Vulin suffered burns to nearly 64 percent of her body, but her assailant did not get away with the crime. When she tried to flee the country, she was apprehended by police. Although justice was done, the crime left Vulin scarred from head to toe.

“There were times when I thought there was no hope,” Vulin said according to PerthNow.

The beginning was really hard on Vulin, who had to be put into a medically induced coma when she arrived at the hospital, so doctors could work to save her life.

When she came to, almost all of her body had been twisted by the fire. However, her spirit was not broken.

Vulin resolved to fight and never give up.

This is literally not even a 3rd of what it took to help me recover in the last 5+ years. I wore the garments for 3 years straight and the masks for 2years and 8 months, 23 hours of the day everyday. With splints and neck braces etc. It’s time for a new chapter in my life and for me to move forward because I’m a firm believer in if you look backwards your only going to go backwards (and get a sore neck lol). Welcoming my 2018Book out now. Available with free delivery from

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Despite the incredibly difficult task ahead of her, Vulin refused to give up. She donned a compression mask and underwent many surgeries and grueling physical therapy—she was not going to let this defeat her.

“I was built tough,” Vulin said according to PerthNow.

Indeed, as time went by, her strength and resolve only increased.

In fact, when she was diagnosed with cervical cancer in 2013, she simply shrugged it off. She was going to beat that, too.

“My heart didn’t give up hope and also my family didn’t give up hope,” Vulin said according to PerthNow. “And because my family wouldn’t give up hope, it was like, how dare I not fight?”

After years of physical therapy and countless surgeries Vulin has come out stronger than ever.

Her spirit was never broken. Vulin beat her cancer, and after years of difficult physical therapy and surgery after surgery, her transformation was incredible.

Not only was this transformation physical, but it was also mental. Vulin became a spokesperson and motivational speaker on behalf of women who were victims of violence.

She even documented her inspiring story in her book, Worth Fighting For.

Even though she still has more surgeries left to go, she does not let it get her down.

“I have a fire within,” Vulin said according to PerthNow. “I make fire jokes all the time, but there is something ignited inside me.”

If you’d like to learn more about Dana Vulin and her incredible story, please visit her Facebook page here.