Brave man lunges into burning tent to save trapped 2-year-old—but it comes at a great cost

"All he cared about was making sure they were safe."
May 8, 2018 10:05 am Last Updated: May 8, 2018 10:05 am

One man’s decision to run into a burning tent changed his life forever—and sadly not for the better. 

But because he risked his safety and sacrificed his good health, a 2-year-old child’s life was saved.

And though it might have cost him dearly, this man was a true hero.

Christopher Alexander found himself witness to a terrible situation near his home.


On April 29, Albuquerque, New Mexico, resident Christopher Alexander was walking around his neighborhood when he noticed something was up.

I started to look and see what was going on right, and then all of the sudden, boom, boom, boom,” Alexander told KRQE.

He was just outside his apartment building where, in another neighbor’s yard a 2-year-old child was in a tent engulfed in flames.

People all around him were screaming and crying, but thus far no attempt to rescue the child was successful.

It was looking grim until a true hero threw caution to the wind and determined to save the baby.

Posted by Sasha Lenninger KOAT on Tuesday, May 1, 2018

But one man could not sit by and watch this tragedy unfold. Moments after he arrived on scene, Alexander spotted his 22-year-old neighbor, Phillip Hall, rush towards the yard where the tent was burning.

“Time stood still, and that man grabbed that fence, yanked it, and I swear a guttural cry came out from his throat,” Alexander told KRQE

Hall moved swiftly into the tent without a care for his own safety and grabbed the young child, Kierr Caldwell, and pulled him out.

The brave 22-year-old managed to save the baby’s life, but it came at great cost.

Hall and young Kierr suffered horrific burns—but they were alive.


“His head was burned on the top and the sides,” Alexander told KRQE.It was just so beautiful to see that guy. All he cared about was making sure they were safe.”

Both Hall and young Kierr were badly burned and are currently recovering at hospitals in Colorado and Texas.

It was not immediately understood how the fire started, but Kierr’s grandmother, Betty Purvis, was just grateful that Hall had been there.

And as Hall was recovering in the hospital, Purvis expressed that gratitude to Hall’s sister, Cassandra Rhinehart, last Tuesday.

“He’s an angel,” Purvis told Rhinehart according to KRQE. “You have the most wonderful brother in the world. I’m amazed with the courage.”

Hall is currently recovering from his injuries.


Thanks to this brave man, who sacrificed his health for a stranger’s child, no one lost their life that day.

However, his road to recovery is going to be long and difficult.

“He’s hanging in there, he’s fighting, but he’s pretty critical right now,” Rhinehart told KRQE.

But that is what heroes do: they put themselves on the line for others. And we hope Hall recovers soon, too—because we need more people out there like him doing good.

To cover soaring medical costs, the family is currently running a GoFundMe campaign to ensure Hall is given the treatment he needs. There is also a GoFundMe for Kierr, who also faces a long recovery.

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