Boys tell their father’s girlfriend they have a gift for her—she never saw it coming

January 4, 2018 9:26 am Last Updated: January 4, 2018 9:26 am

Giving someone a gift is something that usually involves a lot of thought and planning. Whether it’s considering the price of the present, figuring out just what it is that you intend to buy for the recipient, or actually making the effort and going out to buy the thing, it’s a process that can take a bit of time.

However, that moment when you get to see your friend or loved one rip off the wrapping paper to see what they have been given is a feeling that is beloved and cherished by many.

Earlier this year, Theresa Meagan Johnson got a certain gift that she’s likely not going to forget any time soon.

The gift blew her away.

(Steve Lee/Facebook/Screenshot)

In a video that was captured and shared on Facebook, Johnson is shown walking into a room when she is greeted by her boyfriend’s three boys. She’d been dating their father, Steve Lee, and things had been getting pretty serious between them.

“We got a present for you!” one of the boys exclaimed. “Sit down!”

When she entered into the their lives, Johnson was welcomed as a member of the Lee family. She had become very close with Lee’s boys, who considered her their mother. With their tight bond, Johnson was confused by their secretive nature as she took a seat on a couch.

“Is this like a trick?” Johnson asked suspiciously, sitting down.

(Steve Lee/Facebook/Screenshot)

The boys refuted her concerns and insisted she stay seated as they bolted from the room they were in.

“Oh man, I’m scared,” she said.

Returning with a bag full of wrapping paper, Johnson’s confusion was exacerbated as she began looking through it.

“Where’s your dad?” she said at one point. “Does he know you’re doing this?

Smiling coyly, the boys maintained their secretive facade, only insisting that she look through the bag.

After a moment she found what they had for her.

It was a small box.

Still confused, just as she opened it she looked up and saw the three boys all down on one knee.

“We give you our daddy,” they said in unison.

(Steve Lee/Facebook/Screenshot)

The gift was an engagement ring.

And then in walked Lee.

With a hand covering her mouth as she held back tears, Johnson watched and listened as Lee got down on one knee and explained himself.

“You came into these three little boys’ lives and my life,” Lee said. “And from the time you came into our life, I’ve never seen them smile or me smile as much as we have.”

At this point the boys were now holding back tears as well.

(Steve Lee/Facebook/Screenshot)

“We love you with everything we have,” Lee went on. “And we want to know, will you marry me?”

Through her tears, Johnson’s answer was an emotional and heartfelt yes.

“You may now kiss the bride,” one of the boys said in between sobs of his own.

So Lee and Johnson did just that.

Check out the full video of the proposal below.

So this is how the Boys and I asked her to Marry us last night!❤This video is represented by LADbible Group. To use/license this video, please email licensing

Posted by Steve Lee on Saturday, October 14, 2017