10-year-old double-amputee surprised with special trip to meet Chi Chi the quadruple-amputee dog

November 27, 2017 4:39 pm Last Updated: November 29, 2017 1:25 pm

Within the last year, an adorable Golden Retriever named Chi Chi went viral for an inspiring reason. The 4-year-old dog had to have all four of her legs amputated after she was discovered in a dumpster. Despite her circumstances, she continues to live a happy life and spread that happiness to others as a therapy dog.

One person who was touched by Chi Chi’s story was 10-year-old Owen Mahan of Pittsboro, Indiana.

Recently, Owen got to spend a weekend with Chi Chi.

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According to The Indianapolis Star, when Owen was two years old he accidentally fell into a bathtub of scalding hot water. The little boy sustained second and third degree burns over 98% of his body.

Doctors were certain the chances of him surviving were nearly non-existent.

Just under three years after Owen’s accident, the boy was adopted by Susan Mahan and her family. Previous attempts to reunite the boy with his biological mother failed, although his biological father makes supervised visits.

Since his accident Owen has undergone multiple surgeries.

Ready for surgery. Playing with his new things.

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Each year since his accident the now 10-year-old boy has received numerous surgeries. His two most recent surgeries were to amputate his legs below his knees.

Following the surgeries, a teacher introduced Owen and his mother to Chi Chi’s videos. The little boy was delighted.

Shortly after Owen started watching Chi Chi’s videos, the dog’s owner Elizabeth Howell learned about Owen. She wanted to do something special for the boy.

“Owen is an amazing young man and has persevered and overcome challenges like Chi Chi has,” Howell told ABC News. “That really spoke to us and we wanted to do something special to celebrate him.”

With the help of some of Mahan’s friends, Howell arranged for Owen to spend a weekend with Chi Chi.

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NASCAR driver Tony Stewart heard about Owen and offered his private plane to Owen so he and his family could make the trip to visit Chi Chi in Arizona.

While visiting, Owen and the dog spent lots of time together. The two attended different sporting events together—and most importantly the two spent time being a kid and a dog.

“It made me really happy,” Owen told ABC News about meeting Chi Chi. “We both got our legs amputated.”

Owen adored Chi Chi.

Owen’s favorite things about his visit – don’t miss the end. 🐶💕 Ifowencanwecan

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After their weekend of fun it was difficult for the two buddies to part. They bonded not only over what makes them different from others, but what makes them similar to each other.

Mahan told ABC News that their community is extremely accepting and supportive of Owen, but there may come a day when that’s not the case. And when that day comes she is confident that having met Chi Chi will give Owen the extra confidence he may need.

“He’ll see how well accepted [Chi Chi] is all over the world.”

Taking a break on the patio. Owen rested without his prosthetics on during the weekend too.

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“Meeting Chi Chi and seeing how someone besides him got up and keeps going will help him a lot now and as he gets older,” she said.

These two are incredibly precious!

There aren’t sufficient words to describe the bond between Owen and Chi Chi 🐶💕 Ifowencanwecan

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