Boy with cerebral palsy bonds with stranger’s service dog, so stranger helps him get one of his own

The boy had clicked so well with the dog 🐶
July 21, 2018 5:12 pm Last Updated: July 21, 2018 5:12 pm

For many people with physical or emotional problems, service animals can be hugely beneficial. When one young boy with cerebral palsy met a new furry friend, it was clear that a dog might do wonders for him—and a stranger stepped up to make it happen.

Joseph Kinney, a 5-year-old from Clinton, Iowa, is a happy boy, but he’s also faced plenty of difficulties in his life.

“Joseph was born at 27 weeks premature,” his mother, Sharon Prater, told KWQC. “So it was about his 6 month check up at the Center for Disability and Developmental at Iowa City, they had diagnosed him with cerebral palsy.”

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But his luck turned around recently after a fateful trip to Walmart. While shopping with his mother, Joseph hit it off with a new friend: a service dog named Lucy.

The pet belonged to a man named Christopher Lloret, who has epilepsy. Both Prater and Lloret noticed how much the child clicked with Lucy.

“Joseph was amazing with my dog,” Lloret said.

“It brings excitement to him, he just loves animals,” Prater said.

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The chance encounter inspired Lloret to do something incredible. It was clear that Joseph could use a service animal, and he made it his mission to get him one.

The man posted on Facebook, asking if anyone in town would be willing to donate a pup to Joseph. Wonderfully, someone offered a dog, and while it will have to be trained as a service animal first, it looks like Joseph will have his own companion soon.

Prater was thrilled that a stranger would go out of his way to assist her son like this: “It kind of like took a lift off of us,” she said. “He’s trying to offer him something good.”

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Not only that, Lloret was so happy with the turnout of his own good deed that he plans to keep it going, helping even more kids like Joseph find their own service animals.

“To help kids all around Iowa or the U.S. would be something that I would want to do,” Lloret said.

Man helps family get service dog

A happy ending for a Clinton boy, who was in a need of a service dog. In a couple weeks, the boy diagnosed with cerebral palsy will have a dog to call his own.–488205171.html

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