Boy was excited to see school was filming a video. But when he turns around—shock of his life

December 2, 2017 12:43 pm Last Updated: December 2, 2017 4:07 pm

When Blake Peters from Owensville was sitting in the school’s canteen at Washington West Elementary School in Missouri on a Thursday in September he had no idea that this lunch should change his life for the upcoming weeks and months.

Blake is a fair-haired round-faced little boy with a playful smile and a sweet tooth — he was just enjoying his cake before he had even finished his main course and had no idea that wasn’t even going to be the sweetest thing he’d have that day.

Just a few days ago, Blake and his mother had had a serious discussion. His father was serving in Iraq and Kuwait, and Blake missed him very much. He kept asking when his dad would come home—he asked his mother every night—but the return date seemed to keep getting pushed back.

Little did Blake know that his father was waiting with the school’s headmistress in an office right in that building. Matthew Peters, a muscular and bulky soldier who had served his country well, was interviewed by staff. He admitted that they had not seen each other since February that year and said, “I’m super excited. I know he’s gonna be, too!”

So school staff members entered the cafeteria, carrying a camera under the guise of filming students having their nutritious lunches.

Blake and his friends were having a happy conversation—he had no idea who was behind him.

His friends were just as astonished as he was. Blake turned around and was simply speechless as he saw his biggest role model just standing there in front of him – his father.

The little boy was instantly jumping up from his seat and into his father’s arms. Blake had known that his father’s mission was potentially lethal and the short phone conversations they had just could not make up for the missed baseball games and family dinners.

He did not even realize when the crowd in the canteen started clapping and cheering for the father and son duo who was very busy enjoying their precious moment of reunion.

“Boys and girls, this is Blake Peters’ dad and he just came home from Kuwait,” the headteacher explained to the elementary age children who then clapped even louder and clearly were happy to share that very special moment with the Peters family.

Blake would not let go of his father for a long time, but when he did he was still overwhelmed by happiness and gratitude to have his dad back home.

Watch the reaction for yourself: