Boy was eating at airport when he approaches cleaning lady. What he does—she’s tearing up

One bystander witnessed what he did and reported him to a local news outlet
May 7, 2018 10:58 am Last Updated: May 7, 2018 10:58 am

Have you ever met someone who is so kind it seems almost supernatural? The kind of person who shows up late to a charity event, because after getting done volunteering at a retirement home, they stepped in to help a child find their lost pet?

Learning about these kinds of people is both heartwarming and confusing. How can they be so nice? Have they ever been mean or selfish in their entire lifetimes? Have they always been this way?

For Kavinash Prasad, the answer to that last question seems to be: “Yes.” At only four years old, he’s already proven himself as one of the kindest souls on the planet.

4-year-old Kavinash Prasad has been performing kind deeds his entire life.

Posted by The Sweet Room by Arveen O'Leary Keesha on Monday, April 23, 2018

As the son of parents actively involved in various charities, Kavinash has always displayed kindness and appreciation for those who help him. He always bows when he says “thank you” and frequently provides gifts to pump attendants, cleaners, and those in need.

“[One] time, we came across an auntie who picking up cardboard boxes and [he] said, ‘Let me help the auntie to carry the smaller boxes,” Kavinash’s mother, Uma Devi, told Stomp. “Then he ran to her, picked up all the boxes, and gave them to her.”

Kavinash and his 2-year-old sister, Kaayya, frequently take part in his family charity efforts—which include making house visits and packing food rations for needy families. Kavinash doesn’t just pack bags, though. He’ll also provide his parents with ideas.

“When we were giving out rice and oil, Kavinash actually came up with a question that made me think,” Devi said. “He asked me, ‘Mummy, what about milk powder for the babies?'”

From then on, they always packaged milk powder in their rations.

With Kavinash performing so many good deeds in such a short life span, it was only a matter of time before one of them was a reported to Stomp, a Singapore-based phone app that allows users to report kind deeds from around the country. And in April 2018, that’s exactly what happened.

Kavinash got featured on a news website after giving an airport cleaner fruit, taking his mother, Uma Devi, by surprise.

On the night of April 15, Kavinash caught Stomp-user Anna’s attention for repeatedly thanking his mother after she bought him food.

“Kavinash thanks me for every little thing,” said Devi. “Whether it is buying him his favorite toy, showering him, putting him to bed, or reading him a book. It really makes me feel good.”

Yet it wasn’t until Anna saw what the boy did for an airport worker in her 60s that she decided to report him.

He told the worker, “Thanks, Grandma, for keeping the area so clean and for cleaning our table.”

Kavinash took a bow and handed the woman a bunch of fruit to eat. This ended up moving her to tears.

The story was published to Stomp on April 19. It received a warm reception from readers, with many praising Kavinash’s parents for raising him so well. Among those readers was Devi, who at first, couldn’t believe her son had been featured.

She said, “I saw this article about ‘kind boy at Changi Airport’ and thought, ‘Eh? Wasn’t this what Kavinash was wearing that day?’ I just screamed. And when I read the article, I realized it was indeed him.

“It was definitely a special moment and totally unexpected. We don’t go around doing this to be noticed. For us, it’s about appreciating other people. This is one of my proudest moments as a mother.”

Kavinash’s kind deeds were rewarded by a news company with a cake and a goodie bag—but he wanted to give the journalist a reward too.

With Kavinash’s story made public, a man named Suresh Sandrasagaran, reached out to Devi and Stomp to reward him for his kind deed. His friend, Arveen Sandhu, a local bakery owner, agreed to pitch in by baking the boy a chocolate nutella cake.

“The moment I read the article on Stomp, I was very touched because it’s so hard to find something like that done at such a young age. I felt very, very happy and I decided that he deserved this whole cake to himself,” she said.

When Kavinash’s family, Sandhu, Sandrasagaran, and a Stomp journalist met up, Kavinash received not only the cake but a goody bag as well.

When the journalist gave the boy the bag, he yelled “This is awesome!” and  looked through its contents.

Then he surprised her with gift as well: a chocolate bar and a $2 bill. She took the chocolate but handed back the money, though she was very appreciative of the gesture.

Since the initial story was posted, many have asked Kavinash’s parents for advice on parenting. Here’s what Devi said:

“Children always replicate what parents do. By setting a good example to them, I think they will just pick it up on their own. There’s nothing to be taught.”