Boy takes a trip to the movie theater—70 years later, he gets a call about something he lost

October 9, 2017 9:38 am Last Updated: October 9, 2017 2:22 pm

If you have ever lost your wallet, you know how horrifying this experience can be. Losing cash is the least of your worries. You lose some critical documents such as credit cards, identity cards, and driving license among other important documents. Canceling and replacing each one of them is such a headache.

More often than not, when you lose your wallet, there is minimal chance that you are ever going to get it back.

This amazing story begins in 1945 at an old movie theater in Nevada, Iowa, which was called the Circle Theater back then. A teenage boy had gone to enjoy a movie and in the process, he lost his wallet.

Fast forward to the present day: Larry Sloan and his wife had acquired the Circle Theater and transformed it into the Talent Factory Theater, a live performance comedy club.

What motivated them to buy it was the fact that it had a rich history. It was initially built in the 1920s as a movie theater.

Sloan is a curious man; he has always wondered what it was like for people in those ages to see a movie for the first time in this theater. Fortunately, what he discovered hidden in this building gave him a clue to the answer to this question.

They found a piece of war-time history.

I bet you hear stories every now and then about interesting things people find when they acquire old buildings. Some find priceless antiques, secret rooms, tunnels, etc. In this case, they stumbled up something different: a lost wallet that had lain under the floorboards for over seven decades.

While doing some renovations on the theater in 2016, one of the employees found an old wallet lodged beneath the bathroom floorboards on the third floor. It was a plastic one, so Sloan imagined it must be a child’s wallet. At that time, he could not estimate how old it was.

Fortunately, all the contents of the wallet were intact. It contained a Boy Scout card, some ration stamps, a pocket calendar, faded photos of his family, and an ID card with a phone number. The pocket calendar revealed that the wallet was lost in 1945, meaning it had been undiscovered for 71 years.

“I was really shocked to find a hand-written ID card. It indicated the owner was Clare McIntosh, of Colo,” Sloan told the Ames Tribune.

What was more mind-boggling was that the phone number contained just a single digit: “8.”

“[It said] 8, just 8, and I thought, wow, that’s old,” Sloan told KCCI.

So Sloan did some detective work and managed to track down the owner and give him a call.

McIntosh now 85 years old could not believe that someone was calling him about a wallet he had lost decades ago. He thought at first, “this must be some sort of a joke,” according to KCCI.

But he was delighted to see all the photos and cards again after such a long time. When asked what he as going to do with his long-lost possessions, McIntosh said, “Well I’m gonna just kinda cherish them I think.”

Thanks to Sloan and this lucky find, the comedy club certainly lives up to its description as a place where “entertainment and history meet.”

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