Boy survives fall from 17th story because he landed in the strangest way

August 5, 2017 7:29 pm Last Updated: August 5, 2017 7:29 pm

Four-year-old Joey Williams fell out of the 17th floor of a building, and escaped with barely more than an growling stomach.

Joey had apparently been playing on the balcony of a hotel in Miami when he jumped up the railing and fell over the edge—down a whole seven stories until he landed in the pool area of the 10th floor.

He had bounced off some palm trees and then, narrowly missing the hard concrete ground, landed on some dirt instead. Rescuers and family marveled at his survival. When they found Joey on the ground, he had landed right between two pipes sticking out of the ground next to his head, and a sprinkler. Just a few inches to either side and it would have been a sure death.

“We called him a miracle child,” said Lt. Ignatius Carroll of Miami Fire Rescue.

Jerry Unawich said Joey was a “miracle baby.”

“How did he miss those?” Unawich said. “I thought I saw the hand of God helping that boy. It not only helped him, it landed him.”

He was brought to a nearby hospital and able to go home the same day.

“There are no broken bones and doctors told us everything is fine. No bleeding internally. We were truly blessed that God was there with him,” Unawich said.

Only four hours later, Joey was nonchalantly snacking on french fries and a large soda.

His family members were still having a hard time believing what happened.

“Your mind doesn’t want to believe what you are seeing,” Unawich said.