Boy sticks both his arms into a hole in a mudbank. But what he pulls out from there—It’s crazy

I wouldn't dare!
May 18, 2018 4:26 pm Last Updated: May 18, 2018 4:26 pm

When a dad out in Topeka, Kansas took his son, Joseph, out catfishing, he wasn’t sure what to expect. Joseph hadn’t learned how to catfish yet but his dad wanted to teach him a lesson and see how quickly he caught on.

They went to a mudbank and found a small hole where a catfish was hiding. Equipped with a pair of gloves, Joseph reached in as he father gave him advice.

“Reach back there real easy and slowly slide your hand on his mouth,” he said.

At first Joseph wasn’t sure the fish was even in there but he soon felt its mouth. The boy began to grab hold.

“I got it! I got it! I got it! I got it!” he screamed.

(Jukin Media/Screenshot)

Yet then the fish got away.

“Reach in and grab him with both hands,” Joseph’s father told him.

He got behind Joseph to offer an extra bit of support. As the boy grabbed and missed a few more times, it became clear that the catfish was angry. Still, Joseph’s father was confident.

“You almost had him. You’re gonna get him all by yourself,” he said. “Hold him. Let him wear himself out. He’s fighting, Don’t let him break your wrist.”

The advice seemed to work as Joseph was able to capture the catfish all by himself.

“Woo hoo! Joseph!” his father hollered.

After that, all that was left was for Joseph’s dad to put the stringer in so he could bring the fish over to his mom. Joseph’s dad couldn’t be more proud.

“I can’t believe you were able to do that on your own,” he said.