Boy is told to check under the tree. But the crazy thing he finds—he’s completely overcome

“We knew it was a one in a million chance"
February 10, 2018 5:13 pm Last Updated: February 10, 2018 5:13 pm

10-year-old Iowa native, Owynn, always wanted to be a big brother. His hopes however seemed derailed by his parents’ fertility issues.

His mother, Stacey Lindsay, shared their struggles in a Love What Matters article.

“We started our family back in 2007 when our first child, Owynn, was born,” Lindsay explained. “We always wanted at least two children. I grew up in a very large, tight-knit family.”

“I had 14 siblings, so I knew how important a sibling would be to Owynn.”

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Despite trying to get pregnant, the family dealt with five miscarriages and a failed in-vitro fertilization. At this point the family started to weigh their options.

“We thought we would try and do foster care,” Lindsay went on. “Owynn was asking for a sibling, adding it to his Christmas list to Santa, and asking a lot of questions.”

But after taking an introductory class, they realized foster care would not be their ideal route.

“We knew the goal of fostering was to place that child back with his or her family, and our hearts were too sensitive — we knew that part may be extremely hard for our family. My son was heartbroken.”

And then came along the family’s saving grace.

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“In June by the grace of God we were introduced to an amazing young woman, Kendra, who wanted to place her baby for adoption,” Lindsay said. “We knew it was a one in a million chance she would pick us, but our prayers were answered.”

Owynn was suddenly going to be a big brother to a newborn baby girl! With this revelation, the family started contemplating how they were going to break the news to him.

They settled on putting her under the Christmas tree for Owynn to discover.

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“On December 8 we got to bring our little girl home to her forever big brother!” Lindsay said. “I was excited when Kendra asked if she could be there when we surprised Owynn, and I knew that was important for her, and for us, to have her there.”

In a touching video capturing the moment, Owynn is seen confused as he walks to the Christmas tree and discovered his early present—a baby sister named Naylee.

When he makes the discovery, he is overcome with emotion.

“Owynn says that December 6 is the best day of his life and that God gave him two sisters, Kendra and Naylee,” Lindsay went on to say. “Without a doubt, her family has become ours. Our plan is to have Naylee always know who her birth mom is and how special she will always be to us.”

Looking to the future, Owynn is likely going to make for an amazing big brother. His wish for a sibling finally granted, he’s looking forward to introducing her to the wonders of the world.