Boy is just 12, but watch what he does on the floor—it’s just something else

May 22, 2018 10:43 am Last Updated: May 22, 2018 10:43 am

Trinity Lewis is just 12 years old, but he could probably take any adult in a fight.

The kid has some serious good martial art skills, as he knows how to use nunchucks, along with being pretty good at doing backflips.

Trinity also knows how to ride a unicycle, among other amazing feats. It seems like there’s nothing this kid can’t do.

He started training at just three years old—he was doing stunts at that age that most people can’t even attempt in adulthood.

(Barcroft TV / Screenshot)

His parents are his biggest motivators, as his father helps him train as well. It was his father who inspired him to start training, after all.

(Barcroft TV / Screenshot)

He also plans to be a stunt double in the future, and at this rate, he’ll have no problem achieving that goal.

The kid even has a YouTube channel showing off his stunts, where he’s amassed over 17 million views.

(Barcroft TV / Screenshot)

His trainer even says that with enough training, Trinity can do whatever he puts his mind to. And seeing that the kid isn’t even old enough to drive yet, the sky’s the limit for him.

Credit: Barcroft TV