9-year-old boy finds £5 at stadium, sends it to soccer player for ‘playing very well’

October 25, 2017 12:52 pm Last Updated: October 25, 2017 7:00 pm

Kids are taught at a young age that they must not take what doesn’t belong to them and while sometimes their actions may lead us to believe they don’t understand the concept, one young boy recently proved he gets it.

While attending a soccer game in Huddersfield, England, a young fan discovered a five-pound note on the ground.

Adam Bhana, who attended the Huddersfield Town versus Manchester United match with his father, picked up the £5 note, but he quickly realized he couldn’t keep it.

“When we found it he said ‘we can’t keep what’s not ours so we have to give it back,'” Adam’s father, Mo, told BBC Radio 5 live.

The 9-year-old boy came across money on the ground, but didn’t want to keep it.

(Photo by Howard Lake, CC BY-SA 2.0)

The father and son asked those standing around them if the money belonged to them, but no one claimed ownership. So, Adam decided to donate the money to his favorite team, Huddersfield.

“To begin with he was undecided,” Mo said. “He wanted to maybe give it to the club for a transfer of Ronaldo from Real Madrid to Huddersfield but then he decided to give it to Mooy instead.”

Adam wrote a letter to Huddersfield’s director and asked him to give the money to one of the players.

Sean Jarvis, director of Huddersfield Town, shared the boy’s letter on Twitter.

In the letter, Adam explained how he found the enclosed money and asked Jarvis to give it to the team’s manager, David Wagner. Adam wanted the team’s midfielder, Aaron Mooy, to receive the money because “he played very well and scored yesterday.”

Adam wanted to reward one of the player’s for their performance.

It’s unclear if Mooy actually received the £5, but he did respond to Jarvis’ tweet saying he would love to meet Adam. And it looks like that might become a reality, as Jarvis tweeted that a meeting between the two has been scheduled.

We’re looking forward to seeing when the two meet!