Boy claims he was an actor in a previous life—top expert says it can’t be ignored

August 4, 2017 8:34 pm Last Updated: December 11, 2017 11:06 am

Ryan was an actor for many years. Although he never had any lines, he was featured as an extra in popular films. He also worked as an agent, danced on Broadway and spent time traveling the world. He had a big house with a swimming pool and was married several times.

That’s quite a life for a young boy from the Midwest. That’s because none of that ever happened to Ryan. Well, he says it did, but not in this life.

I Used To Be Someone Else In A Previous Life

When young Ryan first told his mother all of this, she was quite confused.

“He said, ‘Mom, I think I have something I need to tell you,'” Ryan’s mom said, in an interview with NBC News. “‘I think I used to be somebody else.'”

Ryan told his mom all about this other person who he believed he once was, and he told it with incredible detail.

“It just wasn’t like a child that could have made it up,” said Ryan’s mother. He said the name of the street he lived on had the word “rock” in it, that his “last” room was greater, and he wished he could go back to his swimming pool.

As Ryan told his mother more and more information, she decided to do some research.

Let’s Look Into This

They started out by looking in a book that gave some details about the golden age of Hollywood, the time period in which Ryan said he lived. Ryan and his mom started paging through The Movie Book.

“She turns to a page, and I say ‘Yeah, that’s me, that’s who I was,'” Ryan said, while pointing to a specific man in one of the pictures.

Bring In The Expert

That was a bit too specific for Ryan’s mom to ignore, so she turned to Dr. Jim Tucker, associate professor of psychiatry and neurobehavioral sciences at the University of Virginia.

Tucker was an expert who has studied similar cases of reincarnation in children for decades. In fact, the University of Virginia has more than 2,500 documented cases over a period of fifty years.


Tucker’s experience has led him to a conclusion. “These cases demand an explanation,” said Tucker. “We can’t just write them off.”

Ryan (left) and Marty Martyn (right)

Ryan’s mom said that she had never even considered believing in reincarnation. She grew up in the environment of the conservative Baptist church.

“That’s not something we were taught to believe in,” she said.

The Inquisition

The research into Ryan’s alleged past life led to a movie historian, who identified the person Ryan had pointed out in the book as Marty Martyn.

And guess what? Martyn worked as an actor before becoming an agent. He was an extra in films. He had danced on Broadway, was married multiple times, and lived on Roxbury Drive in Beverly Hills. A stunning 55 facts on Ryan’s list of descriptive details about his former identity were found to be true about Marty Martyn.

What Couldn’t Be Ignored

Skeptical? Many are. Conventional beliefs might lead people to say that Ryan just made it all up or was fed the information by someone else.

“That’s just inconceivable,” Dr. Tucker said. “This information wasn’t [even] on the internet.”

Actually Tucker himself had doubts about at least one of Ryan’s claims. The boy had told Dr. Tucker that he didn’t understand why God would allow you to become 61 years old and then make you come back as a baby. However, Marty Martyn’s death certificate said he had died at the age of 59. Case closed?

The case was not closed. Dr. Tucker researched further, only to learn that Martyn’s death certificate was incorrect, and he did indeed pass away at the age of 61! Ryan was spot on.

Truth or Fantasy? You Decide.

When asked if he was glad that he had this experience, Ryan replied, “Yes, I am.”

Whether you believe in reincarnation or not, it would be hard to label Ryan’s story anything short of remarkable.

Watch the video below:

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