Both suffering from loss, an elderly woman and a famous musician find each other in a restaurant

July 7, 2018 3:06 pm Last Updated: July 7, 2018 3:06 pm

Losing a loved one is never easy. When somebody you’ve lived your entire life suddenly passes away, it can leave you feeling rather lonely.

The truth of matter is though that you are never alone. Millions of others have gone through the same experience as you and can help you to sort through this loss.

Even a stranger can be great allies in coping with depression, as made evident by the story of Andy Grammer and Mary Conant.

Missing his late mother, Andy Grammer approached a group of women at a restaurant.

In 2009, Andy Grammer lost his mother. He still misses her from time to time and June 20, marked one of those times.

 “[I] was sitting at breakfast in Hampton Beach and across the restaurant were five super cute elderly ladies,” Grammer wrote on Facebook that day.
For whatever reason, seeing these women sit and chat amongst themselves made Grammer think about his mother.  For that reason, he felt compelled to pick up the check for them.
He planned on doing that and then leaving immediately after because “a lot of times it’s better to just do nice deeds without asking for acknowledgment” but then something compelled him to go up and talk to the table.

He came to find that Mary Conant, one of the women in the group, had lost her son.

Posted by Mary Conant on Thursday, June 21, 2018

“I walked over and said ‘you are five of the sweetest ladies I’ve ever seen, I lost my mom awhile back and something about seeing you made me miss her this morning so I’m getting your check,’” Grammer wrote.

Upon doing this, Mary Conant, who was sitting at the very end of the table, opened her arms wide ready for a hug.

“COME HERE!” she said. “I lost my son and really needed this.”

After Grammer picked up the tab, he left the restaurant. Conant was grateful for the gesture but wished she could have gotten to know him a little better.

According to Seacoast Online, Conant received a call from a friend who had watched the local news. She was thrilled because, as you might already know, the man who picked up Conant’s tab was a famous pop star!

Conant found out about Grammer’s pop career and was invited to attend a concert.


Armed with the knowledge of Grammer’s celebrity, Conant dialed up her nephew Andrew who works at the Casino Ballroom in New Hampshire.

Andrew later met up with Grammer who extended an invitation to meet with Conant as the ballroom prior to a concert.

Conant took him up on this offer, and her friends got to attend a concert for free. She had never heard any of Grammer’s music before but, after that show, she was already a huge fan.

That same night, Conant and Grammer recorded a video together which blew up on Grammer’s Instagram account with nearly 9,000 likes in five days.

“I don’t know how the universe works,” Grammer told Conant in the video. “but I know for some reason I needed a hug from a mom and she needed a hug from a son. And now you’re one of my best friends ever.”