Thoughtless son made fun of hardworking mom growing up—years later, he pulls this on her

He said he would take the lie to his grave
November 28, 2017 10:49 am Last Updated: November 28, 2017 11:41 am

A mother’s love to her children is always unconditional and second to none. Sometimes the kids forget to reciprocate the love to their mothers, but she will never complain about their unrequited love. Life is a little bit hard on her at times, though she will always wear her best attire: Her smile. Sometimes, one of her children is kind enough to make her happy even when she thinks that God did it all for her. One man from Utah took to Reddit to narrate what he termed as a lie with a happy ending that he will take to the grave.

The man subscribed to Reddit as Dread Pirate Bobert told his story when he catered for everything in his last vacation with mother and brothers.

The man comes from a family of five boys and his parents.

His mother was the only woman in the house while they were growing up meaning that she did not have the emotional moments that ladies share.

Therefore, she would always cry during her kid’s events as a way of expressing her joy over their achievements and consequently get made fun of by her children.

However, this did not last for long since the five boys moved to Utah for work or studies leaving their parents alone in Colorado. Luckily, the children lived approximately 20 minutes from each other so they would see each other at any time.

The Reddit user admits he wasn’t the most considerate son growing up—far from it. And now as an adult, he wants to make up for his ungratefulness and show appreciation for his parents’ patience and kindness.

And as adults, their mother missed her children dearly, so she decided to take one last vacation with them.

The family is not very rich to afford a road trip to a far place so they could just enjoy a road trip from the airport to their home in Colorado. On their ride back home, they stopped at different places such as Little America Hotel and also had brunch at Grand America.

Knowing that his mother could not afford a meal at these places, her son developed some ways of paying the bills without his family’s knowledge. At one point, he called and paid discreetly while in another instance he excused himself to go to the bathroom and managed to slip a card to the waiter.

They made several stops at different places during their family road trip, and he would get a way to pay the bill. The staff also helped him get away with his “lie” on different occasions. At one point they said that a stranger covered the meal and in another incident, they gave the room free of charge after saying there was room change.

“At each stop the staff would play along and mention how the room had to be changed so they gave it to us for free, or how a kind stranger payed for our meal,” he wrote.

“And I was never caught.”

The mother of five was greatly overwhelmed by this acts of kindness and she eventually broke down to her son.

In his Reddit thread, the son wrote that the mother confided in him and told her that she didn’t know how she would pay for the trip and just prayed to God for help. He also adds that his mother told her that she really wanted one last vacation with his sons while they still had time and before she got too old to enjoy one. The Redditor went ahead to say that he did not intend to tell his mother about this vacation at any time and his discreet payment. He, however, ended the conversation with a declaration of love for his mother.

Mothers go to great lengths to see us smile even when they don’t have the means to do so. They don’t expect us to do something in return but it is always kind to help them even when they don’t need our assistance. This son realized that her mother would not afford this one trip which meant the world to her, so he did his best to see her smile. Remember that, sometimes, the smiles of our loved ones is all we need to keep us moving on and we should always treasure them.