Blind woman uses chance to test special glasses to see her guide dog for first time ever

June 17, 2018 2:58 pm Last Updated: June 17, 2018 2:58 pm

Mary Sedgwick, 48, has always had to overcome obstacles to make the most of her life. In 1997, as a fourth-year medical student, was dealt another blow, when she started suffering from eye pain and dizziness.

She was diagnosed with bilateral optic neuritis, a condition that only worsened over time. Her eyesight degraded, and she was forced to give up her dream of practicing medicine.

In 2003, Sedgwick was declared legally blind.

Sedgwick said that gradually losing her eyesight, was one of the most difficult experiences of her life. It left her feeling helpless, and she sank into a deep depression.

“Like watching a movie that was slowly fading away,” she said to the Daily Mail. “Going from working some 80-hour weeks to being able to do nothing at all made me feel worthless.”

But she made the best of her situation, learning braille and independent daily living skills at a school for the blind. Through Leader Dogs for the Blind, she was able to obtain a service dog to assist her in her daily life.

Lucy is Sedgwick’s second guide dog. The duo has been together for 8 years.

Lucy is her second guide dog. She has given Sedgwick the independence she felt had been taken from her.

“I would not be as mobile, confident or free to enjoy the life I do have without her,” she said on her eSight profile.

On top of expressing frustration in never being able to take in the beautiful sights while she travels, or her daily struggles doing even the most mundane tasks, something else had been bothering Sedgwick.

She had no idea what Lucy looked like. Despite relying on her constantly, her faithful companion’s appearance was a complete mystery to her.

Modern technology helped her finally see Lucy the way everyone else does.

Sedgwick tried a pair of eSight glasses, which use high definition cameras to restore the users sight.

“Once the eSight glasses were placed on I knew I was going to be able to see significantly more than I’d be able to in the past 15 years,” Sedgwick said.

eSight glasses are on the cutting edge of advancement for the visually impaired. Sedgwick was selected to give them a test run, and the experience was nothing short of a revelation for her.

“There are no words to describe how I felt when I saw the face of my beloved family and friends and the beautiful, soulful eyes of Lucy for the first time!” she said.

She couldn’t stop the tears from flowing, and as Lucy excitedly nuzzled her face, she knew her life had just changed forever. She said owning a pair of the glasses would improve her quality of life and would enable her to practice medicine again.

Sedgwick has started a fundraising campaign to assist her in purchasing a pair of eSight glasses. Her ultimate goal is to get a pair in the hands of every person who would benefit from their use.