Blind girl’s cat goes missing—months later, mom goes on Facebook—sees something she can’t believe

December 14, 2017 2:29 pm Last Updated: December 14, 2017 2:31 pm

Sometimes, a loving pet by your side is all you need to get through a tough situation.

(Facebook / Smiles for Baby Charley)

Charley Howell is four years old and blind, and she’s been battling brain cancer since she was only two months old. The brave little girl from Pensacola, Florida has had multiple brain surgeries and goes to chemotherapy on a regular basis. That all can be a lot to handle for anyone, let alone a 4-year-old.

Except in this case, Charley had the support of her loyal cat, Angel.

(Facebook / Smiles for Baby Charley)

Angel happened to be Charley’s best friend. They had been together since they were both babies.

Bath time and nap time were among two of the couple’s favorite things to do together. Charley’s Facebook page are full of photos with the girl and the cat cuddling together.

(Facebook / Smiles for Baby Charley)

But one day in September, Angel disappeared, and the family could not find her anywhere. Charley’s mother, Heather Howell, had tried everything—she called a nearby shelter multiple times, along with checking PetHarbor, an app that lets you know if a lost animal has been found, at least once a day.

It had been weeks and weeks, and there was no sign of Angel anywhere. Naturally, this upset Charley.

Since the whole family missed Angel terribly, and little Charley was so used to cuddling with a cat, Heather thought it was right to make an attempt to fill the void she had left.

So this happened. We miss Angel terribly. She still hasn't come home. We are still hoping she comes home and when she…

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Their new cat, named Dusty, was a young kitten and cuddled and slept with Charley just like Angel did. But even Heather said herself in a Facebook post that “Dusty is so cute and funny but he will never be Angel.” Having a new cat was nice, but it wasn’t the same as having Angel back in the house again.

The weeks went by, and there was still no sign of their beloved cat. Heather would constantly post on Facebook, giving updates on Charley, but also saying how much she missed Angel. It seemed like they would never see her again.

But then, months after Angel’s disappearance, Heather saw something on Facebook that she couldn’t believe.

(Facebook / Smiles for Baby Charley)

Heather had found a picture of a couple adopting a white cat. It was Angel!

“I cried all day, I was a wreck, I just couldn’t believe it,” Heather told WEAR TV. What were the odds of seeing this on Facebook? And was it these people who stole Angel?

But later, she found out the rest of the story. It turns out that Angel became pregnant after she got out of the house and was possibly picked up by a neighbor of Heather’s. But once the neighbor found out she was pregnant, Angel was most likely dropped off at the nearest shelter, which lead to her being adopted by the couple in the picture.

Surprisingly, once the couple found out about Angel’s situation, they immediately agreed to bring her back to her original family.

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Charley was elated to get her furry friend back, giving her a big kiss once they reunited.

“She would not stop talking about Angel,” said Howell to the Pensacola News Journal. “She kept saying, ‘I love Angel, I love Angel.’ That’s all she talked about all night long.”

Though Angel and Charley are happy to be together again, Angel now has a new kitten friend to get used to: Dusty.

The latest update reported how Angel “mostly just hisses, growls and swats at him.” Hopefully, the two can learn to coexist, for the sake of a very deserving family!

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