Mom bought birthday cake at grocery store—but what she saw written on it—at first she thought it was a joke

October 31, 2017 3:49 pm Last Updated: November 4, 2017 3:24 pm

We are fond of smiling and thanking people after receiving a satisfactory service in our local stores. However, what happens when we do not get what we expected? More often than not, we will whine and sometimes yell after receiving a result that is far from what we expected.

A mother of three demonstrated the highest level of kindness by simply smiling and saying a “thank you” after receiving a completely unexpected cake. The story has now become a source of inspiration for millions of people after she posted it on her Facebook wall.

Lisa Aldrich saw a local advertisement for birthday cakes and decided to buy one for an upcoming party for her sister Mandy. She, therefore, paid a visit to Meijer store in Gaines Township, Michigan, where she picked up a cake and requested a worker to decorate it. In her interview at her home, she said that she just saw a young woman wearing a hairnet standing at the bakery counter department and requested her to work on the birthday cake.

Lisa needed the employee to write “Happy Birthday Mandy” on the cake, a task that would not take a long time to finish. However, she says it took the employee a long time to complete the decoration, but she eventually received her cake. Lisa wrote that she was looking the employee in the eye as she thanked her for the cake, so she did not have an opportunity to look at the decorations when she first took it.

But after her conversation with the employee, she saw the cake, and her response was to laugh nervously as she went to the check out line.

The writing was shaky, and there was a large gap on the right side of the birthday cake. Was it on purpose? Lisa only thought that maybe people would find it funny.

The cashier, on the other hand, had a different opinion on the matter, so he decided to call the manager and other cashiers to discuss the issue. The employees insisted on getting her a newly decorated cake, but Lisa maintained that she would purchase this particular cake.

(Facebook/Lisa Sarber Aldrich)

Hearing Lisa’s response, one of the cashiers put her arm around Lisa and revealed who decorated the cake.

The employee said, “The girl who wrote the cake has autism.”

She went ahead and thanked Lisa for smiling and thanking the girl despite the unusual writing on the cake. She also clarified that the girl with Autism was not supposed to decorate the birthday cake, but Lisa’s reaction to the situation probably made her day.

Lisa Aldrich shared her experience at Meijer on Facebook, and it has since received over 280,000 shares from different users and autism groups all over the world. She has also received overwhelming messages from people all over the world thanking her for showing kindness.

The family of the young woman who decorated cake also thanked her for the post and her kind act on their child. A Meijer spokesperson confirmed Aldrich’s story after it went viral online. Thousands of people recognized the store for giving people with disabilities a chance to provide service to customers. Most of them also indicated their interests in visiting the store to buy a cake and have it decorated by the young woman with autism.

Lisa’s actions were simple, but unique given the circumstances, and shows how it doesn’t cost us a thing to be good people.