Officer rolls down window—gets smacked in the face. But when you see who culprit is—there’s no words

November 5, 2017 11:17 am Last Updated: January 6, 2018 6:13 pm

They also say that wild animals always know the people who mean them well, and it appears that applies to robins.

When Officer Jeremiah Schoepflin of Arvada Police Department rolled down the window of his car on a sweltering summer day, he expected a warm breeze to relieve his overheated skin. The workday was still on and he had hours of duty left. Instead—he got a face full of feathers.

As soon as he’d opened the window, a robin and flown in and headed right for the officer, landing on his chest.

The startled officer tried to keep the bird safely in the backseat but the robin had a mind of its own and refused to remain there. He kept flying over the seats and landing on Officer Jeremiah’s chest.

Finally, the officer decided to drive to a nearby park and release the little robin in its safe environment. However, the bird was having none of it.

It had decided that Officer Jeremiah was trustworthy and wouldn’t stop following him.


“They say it’s a bad omen to hit a bird with your car… but what about when a bird hits you while driving and then won’t leave? Our AMOs have a certain je ne sais quoi with animals!”

Animal Management Officers don’t usually enjoy the most positive image. Since part of their job is to impound animals considered dangerous and hostile to humans, they are viewed as heartless and uncaring. To the contrary, a large part of the department’s job description includes rescuing animals who are abandoned or abused.

Much like the rest of his kind, Jeremiah Schoepflin has a lot of experience with animals, though he’s never been hit on the face with one.

Bewildered and touched, he took a picture of himself with the robin, which later became a sensation through the Facebook page of his department. A caption under the image pondered that while it’s bad luck to hit a bird while driving, what does it say when the bird hits you. It also pointed out that Arvada AMOs have a deep connection with birds and animals.

Arvada’s Animal Management Officers have certainly grown in popularity among the social animals online. Officer Jeremiah’s brief stint as a social media personality will hopefully help him in the future as he enters the Police Academy for training.

The sight of the baby robin cuddling up to the big officer was enough to melt the hearts of many on the internet. And many more hearts were wrenched when they heard that the robin refused to leave the side of its new friend and kept flying back to him. It appeared that the bird had formed a quick affinity for the officer.

Meanwhile, the robin was finally turned over to The Bird Walk, a rehabilitation center for birds who care for and re-home common species of birds who are injured or lost.

Here, the belligerent robin finally agreed to part ways with its favorite Arvada officer.

All’s well that ends well, and the robin has now found the safe home that it seemed to be craving, while Officer Jeremiah Schoepflin has a beautiful memory to carry forward with him.