Bikers were heading down street, but what’s at busy intersection—they hit their brakes

Sometimes a small deed goes a long way.
May 1, 2018 4:28 pm Last Updated: May 1, 2018 4:28 pm

Taking a moment out of your day to do a good deed is easier said than done; most people just want to hurry towards their destination. But sometimes, not helping can have dangerous consequences.

Three Arizona bikers were enjoying a leisurely ride when they spotted a dangerous situation.

(ABC15 Arizona/Screenshot)

At around 1 p.m. on April 22, motorcyclists Eduardo Plascenia, Patrick Patterson, and Damon Pruit were riding their bikes down a street in Mesa, Arizona. As they were doing so Patterson was using a helmet cam to capture their leisurely ride.

But the excitement and thrill of riding with his friends quickly turned into a potentially deadly situation for one elderly woman.

As the trio were riding towards the 8th Avenue and Alama School Road intersection, they saw a visibly frightened elderly woman trapped in the middle of the busy intersection.

“It was crazy,” Patterson told KAGS News. “She scared us at first. That’s why we hit the brakes.”

Initially they were shocked—but they soon realized they had to turn back and do something.

(ABC15 Arizona/Screenshot)

But something else compelled them to turn back. The elderly woman had only got half way across the intersection before the lights turned green, but none of the other drivers seemed to care.

“No one slowed down and no one offered assistance,” Eduardo Plascencia told ABC15.

The cars were flying down the road, and one mistake was all it would have taken to turn this dangerous situation into a fatal one. So, the three men acted in unison and, as the video captured, turned back to help.

By the time they reached her, she was visibly shaking, they said. However, thanks to the intercession of the riders, she almost immediately began to calm down.

The men used their bikes to stop traffic and help the elderly woman cross the street.

(ABC15 Arizona/Screenshot)

They used their bikes to stop traffic to allow her to cross the street in safety. As they did so, the shaken woman quickly made it to the other side of the road, thanking the kind men as she did.

“She had stopped shaking and had just extended her hand to Eduardo and Damon [to thank them],” Patterson told ABC15.

“She waved at us and thanked us,” Plascencia told ABC15.

Without saying another word, the three men then continued their ride satisfied that they did a good deed. 

“When we all got home, I think we felt we had done a good deed,” Patterson told KAGS News.

People all over social media were inspired by their act of kindness towards this struggling elderly woman.

(ABC15 Arizona/Screenshot)

Patterson then posted the video on Facebook where it went viral. In the span of only a few days, it garnered over 300,000 views and was picked up by multiple news outlets.

The number of people who were inspired by these three men gratified Patterson. In the end, he hoped that this kind act will show his city that even though bikers have a bad reputation, they are the good guys.

“People may or may not be surprised but with so much pain in the news and world,” Patterson told KAGS News, “why not be good to as many people as we can?”

Watch the whole encounter below:

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