Best friend gives her gift and she’s scared to open it. But the sound—she breaks down

January 19, 2018 4:53 pm Last Updated: April 5, 2018 2:23 pm

When we’re children, our favorite stuffed animals are always there for us. Always at our side during the day and our beds at night, they provided a comfort when we were frightened or sad. Grandparents are also there for us, and they can be sources of strength and comfort as well.

But as adults, we still need a little help when times get rough—and sometimes, a stuffed friend can still do the trick.

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That was the case for Lauren Doyle, a health care assistant from Hartlepool, England, who just two days after Christmas suffered the loss of her 73-year-old grandmother Barbara Kinnell, to whom she was very close with. On top of that, Lauren has been dealing with her own battle with sepsis.

A few days after her nana’s death, Lauren’s best friend Carlita Pounder knew she had to cheer her up somehow. 

So she surprised her with a very special gift.

Carlita brought Lauren a wrapped present—and it’s not the chocolates she initially promised her. It was something much better.

“I know it’s not your birthday, but go on,” she says as Lauren opens the gift.

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Lauren unwraps the gift—and realizes it’s a teddy bear.

She’s already thrilled and grateful for her friend for the adorable gift—but then Carlita tells her to look closer.

“What’s its name?” she asks.

But Lauren breaks down with a combination of laughter and emotion when she sees the name tag:

“Babbylicious,” her nana’s nickname for her.

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She also realizes the bear is wearing red—presumably another homage to her late nana.

But then, Carlita has another request:

“Press her hand.”

She does—and breaks down when the bear starts talking:

Hiya Lauren, it’s only Nana. Just calling to see if you’re okay, pet. I’ll give you a ring later on. Ta-ra, love. Love you, bye.”

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It was her nana’s real voice—a voicemail recording left before she passed away.

Lauren is speechless and breaks down crying, but you can tell the gift means a lot to her.

It’s a sweet, simple, but loving message—and preserved in the teddy bear, it will comfort Lauren whenever she misses her nana.

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