Beached baby whale faces certain death until rescuers show up en masse

August 31, 2017 12:42 pm Last Updated: August 31, 2017 12:42 pm


Praia da Marina beach in Búzios, Brazil was the site of a recent whale rescue that ended in a big “thank you” from the whale itself! Whenever humans come together collectively to save a creature of earth, it’s a beautiful thing. This was no exception!

Beached Baby

Photo: Facebook/Folha de Búzios

The humpback whale calf became stranded on the beach and would have surely died if it was left alone. The baby whale weighed more than seven tons and sprawled a massive 32 feet in length.

When you are that big and stranded on the beach, the only good news is that you’re not yet an adult whale, whose rescue would have taken a much more massive effort.

Large Enough To Be Noticed!

Photo: Facebook/Folha de Búzios

The tide had simply rushed out too fast for this “little” bugger and left it with little to no water to swim back to deeper waters. Luckily, he did not go unnoticed. Of course, given his size, that would be hard to do in any reasonably populated area!

Good Samaritans

Photo: Facebook/Folha de Búzios

Hundreds of people came together, and many even stayed the night digging out a channel for the baby whale with shovels, while others kept the struggling calf hydrated by dousing it with water.

24/7 Baby Whale Care

Photo: Facebook/Folha de Búzios

By morning, there was no sign that anyone was about to give up on this whale, and a backhoe was dispatched from a local marina to assist. If they could just persist in their efforts until the high tide rolled in again, they felt they had a chance.

Waiting On Mother Nature

Photo: Facebook/Folha de Búzios

When the tide came in, the excavator collaborated with rescuers to place the whale in a large sling. They were then able to then lift the whale into deeper waters.

A Crowd Gathers

Photo: Facebook/Folha de Búzios

The crowds that had formed to watch cheered with joy, excitement, and relief. Some even cried as they watched the whale swim back into the world in which he could live and thrive.

The Simple ‘Thank You’

Photo: Facebook/Folha de Búzios

And then, a shocking gesture of appreciation was offered as a “thank you” from the majestic creature. The whale waved its tail and fins to the on looking rescuers and swam away into the sunset.

Chalk one up for humanity and compassion as you watch the video below!


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