Baby was swollen and rushed to hospital. But what doctor discovered—no one had seen this before

"How crazy is that?!"
December 29, 2017 6:02 pm Last Updated: January 2, 2018 5:33 am

Emma and Aaron Whittington were beside themselves when their 7-month-old baby Mya’s face started swelling up—and doctors couldn’t figure out what was wrong.

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Emma rushed Mya to the local emergency room when her jaw swelled up, and doctors determined it was just a swollen gland and sent them back home.

But the next morning, Mya only looked worse. The swelling had increased and now it looked like there was a harsh pimple poking out at the top as well—and the parents went straight back to the hospital.

“We were starting to freak out, they were talking about sending us to Wichita,” Aaron said. The doctors there had no idea what it was, and thought they would need to forward the case to the regional hospital to get answers.

But not long after that—the problem revealed itself.

(CBS News/Screenshot)

A feather started poking out of Mya’s neck—and the baffled doctor pulled it straight out.

“They pulled a feather out of my child, how crazy is that?” Aaron told CBS.

It was a dark, 2-inch feather.

Mya was perfectly healthy, and no one could figure out how a baby got a feather into her neck. The doctors determined that the feather had been there for several months. For a 7-month-old child, that meant she’d been living with a feather stuck inside for at least half her life.

The doctors and parents guessed the most plausible answer was that Mya had accidentally swallowed it and it just hadn’t had any adverse effects until then.

The baffling case in 2012 is still a medical mystery, and today Mya is a healthy and happy 5-year-old with a younger brother.

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