Baby sees his dad and his dad’s twin brother side-by-side—his reaction is absolutely hilarious

The video has gone viral with nearly 20 million views on YouTube.
March 22, 2018 11:47 am Last Updated: April 4, 2018 9:29 am

A baby might not know much about their world yet, but one thing they always pick up on right away is who their parents are.

From a very young age kids are able to identify mom and dad—but could they be fooled by someone who looked exactly like them?

That’s what one dad—and his identical twin—set out to find out.

Stephen Ratpojanakul, from New York, is the father of an infant son named Reed. In February 2016, when Reed was 16 months, Stephen asked his twin brother Michael and his wife to babysit.

(Stephen Ratpojanakul/Screenshot)

But when Stephen returned home that night and the two brothers were side-by-side, they noticed something hilarious:

Reed seemed to be unable to tell which one was dad!

It was something they had never seen before.

“Reed never gets confused!” Michael told Today. “But Caryn and I had been baby-sitting him for about five hours on this particular day, and when Stephen finally came home with Carroll, I think it’d just taken a toll on him.”

(Stephen Ratpojanakul/Screenshot)

Stephen realized that he was wearing his glasses which made him look like his brother.

“Reed isn’t used to me wearing glasses, and in his confusion he kept reaching back and forth between me and Michael,” he told Buzzfeed.

So the twins decided to have some fun with the mix-up in a hilarious viral video.

At first, Reed is able to correctly identify his dad (on the left) between the two glasses-wearing twins:

(Stephen Ratpojanakul/Screenshot)

…but then, Michael takes off his glasses, making him look like Stephen.

(Stephen Ratpojanakul/Screenshot)

And then they both take off their glasses, leaving Reed confused about who’s who!

(Stephen Ratpojanakul/Screenshot)

The video has gone viral with nearly 20 million views on YouTube.

Does confusing the baby seem a little mean? Stephen has heard the feedback and insists it was all in good fun.

“A lot of commenters have said things like ‘he’s so confused’ and ‘poor baby,’ but I promise Reed was having fun—he’s the happiest baby I’ve ever seen,” he told Buzzfeed.

“The reaction has been almost universally positive,” Michael told Today. “It’s made people smile, and that makes us all really happy.”

(Facebook/Stephen Ratpojanakul)

It turns out, Stephen’s wife is also a twin—it’s what they bonded over when the first met.

So does Reed also get confused when his mom’s twin comes over? Apparently not: Stephen told Buzzfeed they tried it out and Reed passed with “flying colors.”

“No matter how identical they are, a baby always knows his mama.” Sorry, dads.

Watch the hilarious video below: