Baby had a fever, but what the dog started doing—it was a lot worse than they thought

January 12, 2018 4:52 pm Last Updated: January 12, 2018 7:40 pm

A dog cares so much about its family because that’s all it has. While you go out to work or to eat, 99% of the time, the dog is stuck at home, waiting for you to come back.

This plays into how attached they are to us, because we are their whole world.  And they’ll do anything for us.

The Woods family in Brotton, North Yorkshire, is home to the Border Collie Bessie. She loves her family, and in 2016, she did something they could never thank her enough for.

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Bessie’s behavior was always that of a normal dog; she was playful, and appreciative of treats just like any other canine.

But one day, she started acting differently.

“Her expression had changed,” Philip Woods, her owner, said. “It was a look of concern.”

Seemingly out of nowhere, Bessie began acting unusually erratic, to the point of annoying the family. She would constantly cuddle up against the family’s baby, Philippa.

Paula, Philip’s wife, stated how she just thought Bessie was reacting to the coming of the spring season in a weird way, and the family thought nothing of it.

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Around the same time, Philippa was coming down with a fever. She was only 2 years old back then, so the parents were closely monitoring her. She wasn’t responding to any medication and after only a few days, the sickness didn’t show any signs of going away.

To make things worse, Bessie started to look at their daughter in a way that concerned the parents.

“You could see the white in her eyes,” Paula said about her dog. This told her that the illness wasn’t something to be taken lightly, so afterward, Philippa was taken to the doctors.

At this point, Paula asked if Bessie’s behavior correlated with the baby’s sickness, given how both events were so close to each other.

The doctor told them to come in immediately.

They then took their daughter for a test, and when the results came in, they couldn’t believe it.

Philippa had been diagnosed with lymphoblastic lymphoma — a type of cancer.

The dog had detected it, days before the test had been done, and thus was acting strangely, especially with Philippa.

“Looking back on it, you could see that she was trying to tell us that something was wrong,” Philip said. And it ended up working.

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“Humans can smell sugar in a cup of tea . . . this dog could smell sugar in two Olympic pools,” Dr. Clair Guest told Express.

Guest is a member of Medical Detection Dogs, an organization that trains dogs to sniff out diseases to catch them early. Guest said cancer cells have a different smell than normal cells, and dogs are able to detect the cancerous cells when they’re present in someone.

This ability has already helped so many families find diseases early, including the Woods family.

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“We have so much to thank Bessie for,” Philip told Mirror.

Thanks to Bessie, Philippa was able to start her treatment almost immediately. Bessie’s behavior also returned back to normal once the baby started her treatment. Now she can finally relax and keep the baby company until she gets better.

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