Baby eagle is rescued by couple—gets free boat ride and fish for dinner

August 8, 2017 6:58 pm Last Updated: August 8, 2017 6:58 pm

This couple was paddling around a beautiful lake and came across a rather distressing sight.

A baby eagle had somehow ended up entangled in a weed bed. It had become stuck to the point that it could no longer fly. Those new wings take a little practice to get used to, and he probably wouldn’t be the first baby eagle to find himself in such a predicament!

The baby eagle chirped out repeatedly in distress.

The couple pulled their boat up to within paddles-reach of the poor critter, who was obviously a bit shaken by the presence of the unknown intruders.

He seemed at first to be wondering, are these friends or foes?

The answer was definitely “friends.” As the woman in the boat captured the rescue mission on camera, the man began to use his paddle to clear the weeds, hoping that might be enough to get this little one on its way. No such luck.

The drenched wings of the fearful fowl seemed to be the big problem. If the bird could not dry them out, there was no way he was going anywhere, as they would weigh him down and eventually lead to his peril.

The man managed to dig his paddle into the water and under the eagle.

After several attempts, it almost seemed as if the baby was beginning to understand what was happening.

Finally, the man scooped him up out of the water.

Carefully, he rotated the paddle, eagle on top, and placed the soaked bird onto the boat platform. Phase one was accomplished. Now what?

May I take your order?

Well, surely the eagle must be hungry! The couple decided to offer a small meal to help the eagle get its strength back. They had no idea how long he may have been stuck in that swampy patch.

Woo Hoo! First boat ride! Who needs wings?

Interested, but cautious, the eagle takes a few nibbles of the fish. That appeared to offer more trust than anything else, and sure enough, the three were soon cruising across the glassy waters of the lake and heading home. The bird stayed put and enjoyed the ride while letting the wind do its work to dry him off.

The videographer wanted to capture everything on film, and who could blame her? It’s not every day you get the opportunity to save the life of an eagle!

Finally, he was safe.

Back at the dock, the bird is offered yet another fish, and we can only assume that given the conditions of the warm sun and the dry dock, it would only be a matter of time before the baby eagle would get another chance to try out those new wings, hopefully, with better results!

See the video below:


Source: This couple is truly HEROES to that baby eagle! by NTD Television on Facebook.