Dad shares story of frightening accident in the hopes that other parents will learn a lesson

July 19, 2017 2:39 pm Last Updated: December 27, 2017 6:10 pm

Warning labels on foods have become one of those things that we all seem to ignore. We know they exist, but seldom do we look them over closely before consuming the product. We’re all guilty of it. And after a scary incident involving a baby, one father has an important message to share regarding warning labels on food, particularly those on baby food.

(Source: Facebook/Justin Morrice)

Justin Morrice had just finished giving his little girl, Annabelle, a snack. He placed a few of Gerber’s Lil’Crunchies, baked corn snacks, on her highchair tray for a little dessert and turned his back so he could wash her bowl. In a post he shared on Facebook he wrote that it was in those few seconds that everything went horribly wrong.

Suddenly Annabelle was gasping for air.

He realized Annabelle was trying to cry, but she wasn’t making a sound so he immediately grabbed her and flipped her on her stomach.

“[I] slapped her back (as we were taught) for what seemed like forever I still could not hear anything,” Morrice wrote.

The panicked father flipped his daughter back over and noticed that Annabelle’s lip had begun to turn blue. He knew he had to do something and quick.

“Its at this moment I thought my little girl was going to die in my arms.”

(Source: Facebook/Justin Morrice)

Frantically thinking of how he could save his choking daughter he “rammed” his finger down into her throat and was able to move the cheese puff.

“The next thing I heard was the sweetest sound in the world…her crying,” he wrote.

Morrice was able to shift the cheese puff in his daughter’s throat, but they weren’t out of the woods yet.

He flipped his daughter back over and started to slap her back. Thankfully the cheese puff became dislodged and Morrice was able to physically take it out of her mouth.

Although it was only a minute or so, Morrice said it was the scariest moment of his life. After the choking incident, Morrice called his mother who came over and calmed both the father and daughter down. And it was what Morrice’s mother discovered that had him even more frightened—the warning label on the can of cheese puffs said to consume them within five days of breaking the seal.

He had probably looked at the warning label a dozen times, but never paid much attention.

(Source: Facebook/Justin Morrice)

Morrice admitted that he was confused because it was only a few days ago that Annabelle had eaten the snack without a problem. Since he had another can of the cheese puffs he opened that can and compared the two. It was a night and day difference.

“The ones in the can she choked on I can only describe to be like a foam ear plug,” he wrote.

He said that when he attempted to squish an old one it would deflate, but then expand again, whereas the new snacks crumbled when they were handled.

The father noted his post wasn’t meant to blame Gerber for his daughter’s choking, but was meant to serve as a warning for other parents to read the warning labels on their children’s food.

“So many products post warning labels but unless u [sic] scan the product you can get ‘lazy’ as parents and it becomes routine,” he said.

You can read Morrice’s full post below.

(Source: Facebook/Justin Morrice)